Raritan PURASAN EX Treatment System – Pressurized Fresh Water – 12V

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3 reviews for Raritan PURASAN EX Treatment System – Pressurized Fresh Water – 12V

  1. Captain Crunch

    These should be mandatory, and easy to use!The media could not be loaded.

     Wanting a simple system that works and doesn’t need a list of instructions, I paired a Purasan with a Raritan Sea Era electric toilet. I also added a diverter so I could select between the holding tank and the Purasan. If we are in a marina or NDZ, we use the holding tank. Otherwise, everything goes through the Purasan. Either way, we never discharge untreated head material overboard.You want simple? Whether we are switched to the holding tank or to go overboard, because the button to flush is wired to the Purasan control panel, the only instruction on using this head is, “Hold the button down for 7 seconds.” That’s it. And because the Sea Era toilet has a macerator, we can also use RV toilet paper in it.I did, however, make a recommendation to the Raritan tech to put a power shut off on the Purasan control panel. As it is, when we switch it to the holding tank, there is no way to shut down the Purasan. So, I added a toggle switch between the push button and the control panel to cut power to the treatment unit.

  2. R. Duhon

    Great item for our boatLittle on the expensive side, instructions were not the easiest to understand unless you really study it very hard.Love not having to have a holding tank. Works very well. Little noisy after the flush, but not for long.It’s the best option for our boat. We keep her in freshwater but boat mostly in saltwater.

  3. jeffrey effinger

    One day installation.Love the Purasan EX system, instructions were good and it worked the first time I tried. Ended up buying a Raritan toilet to go with it and it’s a one button activated process!

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