Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

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  • This product is made of a heavy-duty commercial-grade material, and most of our customers anchor them for the season on their lakeshore | Treated with a UV treatment to prevent sun fading
  • Product dimensions – 240” Diameter x 36” H | Jump mat area – 169 sq. ft. | Jump mat size – 172” | Product weight – 135 lbs. | Required water depth – 8’ | Weight capacity – 1500 lbs. (5 adults or 10 children)
  • The black nylon webbing jump surface is attached directly to the inflatable tube with an interlaced nylon rope for easy setup, unlike water trampolines that are attached with metal springs
  • Inflates in a few minutes, and to keep your Bongo Bouncer in place, we recommend an anchor weight of 35-45 pounds attached to the included anchor connector rope included (instructions included). 5-step ladder also included
  • The RAVE Sports Bongo should be inflated with air as per manufacturer manual | Bongo Bouncers are perfect for playing, lounging, and using as a swim platform but do not provide the same jumping experience as a water trampoline


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10 reviews for Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

  1. Jim Boushee

    Kids love it! Perfect for swimming and hours of playing in the waterI bought the Bongo 15 size for our lake cabin in Wisconsin and the family thinks it’s great. It was easy to inflate following the directions. It stays inflated all summer. We may need to add a bit of air to it depending on temperature fluctuations throughout the summer but it stays surprisingly full. It comes with the harness and we attached 100 pounds (we are on the windy side of the lake) to it. It hasn’t budged.I researched the difference between the Rave water trampoline and the water bouncer that Rave makes and decided on the bouncer. It was lighter and easier to set up. The black jumping surface is attached to the blue and yellow inflatable part so you don’t have to attach it with all the springs. It doesn’t allow kids to jump as high on it as they could on the water trampoline, but it still gives great bounce and they have a blast.Our son is 5’10”, and he and his friends fit easily. It is a good size for a maximum of 6 kids. They spend many hours swimming to and from it and bouncing on the top, then jumping into the water. The kids have multiple games (king of the hill, football catches into the water, spikeball, etc.) and they stay out there for hours, even using the surface to rest and relax in the sun.Rave has a launcher and floating mat that attach. They are next on our wish list! Thank you Rave. We absolutely love it.

  2. Mistie Harold

    Don’t review if you didn’t research productThis product is worth it, and those that do not research items they buy should not add reviews as the seller has all over several places it is not for trampoline type jumping. After much research of both bouncers and trampolines my cousin and I went with this one as we are both single women with children. The unboxing and restorage to a plastic tub for transport was probably funny video worthy but once we figured it out one of us can now put it away and unload it alone. It was very easy to set up which is huge for us. We knew when purchasing it the bounce would not be as much as a trampoline but both previously owning land trampolines with springs did not want the injury that kids get from springs. The kids love it and the park we stayed in all the kids came to play on it not our favorite part but we won’t tell a kid no. It did separate at one of the coils but we are sending it in for repair for our next trip as we understand owning any kid toys inflatable or not things happen. Very happy with this purchase

  3. divus

    1 hold down. nutsNeed more tie down location. 1 is crazy. Other 13 ft had 8 we got from you.

  4. Amazon Customer

    TERRIBLE WATER TRAMPOLINE!!!This water trampoline is supposed to be the best on the market. It’s certainly one of the most expensive. When the box arrived the box was damaged and when we tried to put air into the trampoline and set it up in the water behind our lake house it would deflate slowly over a couple of days. We looked everywhere for a leak but couldn’t find it.I called Rave Sports customer service line and left a message 3 times but never received a call back from anyone. I spent two thousand dollars on this trampoline and my kids never got to use it once. We have it sitting on the side of our house the past several months because Amazon never sent a delivery truck to pick it back up and return it after we made that request online.Terrible experience but the customer service response or lack there of was the worst I’ve ever experienced…

  5. Charlotte Barker

    Seems impossible to destroy!We own a small private lake in a woodsy, secluded area. Our children, and especially their friends, were a little intimidated by the “naturalness” of it. They can’t help that they’ve been raised around concrete and bottled water. This little addition made a huge difference providing something that seemed safe and familiar to them in an otherwise wild and scary environment. I couldn’t bear the thought of buying them a flimsy walmart pool when we had access to such a perfect swimming spot that needed just a little taming. We’ve used it almost daily for over a month and have given it quite the pounding. We’ve never had to add air or do a thing. It is in the exact condition as it was on day one. I’m anxious to see how it will do next summer after being stored over the winter. For the price, I would like to get 2-3 summers of use out of it. We have it in 15+ feet of water. Please, please, please enforce a strict life jacket rule with no exceptions. It is extremely easy for children, (and adults), go get rowdy with this toy, and really, playing king of the mountain and knocking each other off is what makes it so fun. If you are unwilling to enforce a life jacket rule, you have no business owning this product.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Kids had fun- but not a trampolineAs mentioned elsewhere, this is not what I think of as a trampoline. Without springs, etc. it does not help you bounce higher and higher. Rather, you don’t seem to ever jump significantly higher (if at all- I could not tell a difference) no matter how many times you bounce. And yes, I think ours was properly inflated. It is a great surface to play on and still provides lots of fun. Our kids and friends had more fun playing UNDER it than on top of it. That may have been because the air temperatures were pretty low and it was “warmer” underneath.Construction seems to be top-quality and I expect it will last for many years to come.

  7. Karol

    Excelente calidadLos niños y adultos disfrutan bouncing

  8. Douglas B.

    Grandchildren love itGrandchildren love it. If you Are considering this, remember it is a bouncer not a trampoline.

  9. rick schwartz

    Perfect large inflatable raft for the kids.Awesome water toy for the kids. Perfect size our kids and their friends. Durable. Used all summer. Easy to blow up. Easily anchored in the water approximately 40 feet from our lake house shore line. Not hugely bouncy, but kids still loved it.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Fun for the whole familyThis is working well on my lake. Thought the grands would be the only one using it but the whole family enjoys it. I know it says doesn’t bounce like a trampoline but the 6 year olds have had no problem bouncing. Easy to anchor. Seems durable

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