Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Portable Waterproof 20A Controller, Foldable 100W Panel Suitcase with Adjustable Kickstand Solar Charger

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Brand Renogy
Material Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24.8 x 20 x 2.8 inches
Efficiency High Efficiency
Style 100W-Waterproof Controller

  • 【Plug and play solar kit 】complete kit includes a 100W solar suitcase, a 20A waterproof charge controller, and alligator clips. Compatible with multiple kinds of 12V batteries, easily add to your existing system.
  • 【Highly portable design】 foldable solar suitcase small in size, provide more flexibility for outdoor and off-grid use, easy to carry, store and set up.
  • 【Remarkable efficiency】Renogy solar panels using grade A plus monocrystalline solar cells. Advanced smart PWM technology charge controllers ensure charging efficiency and safety.
  • 【Reailable quality】coming with a premium rugged canvas protective case, heavy-duty handle, and latches for longevity.
  • 【Safety guarantee】multiple protections provided by the charge controller keep your battery and system fully protected.


From the brand

Product Description






Nominal Voltage: 12V

Rated Charging Current: 20A

Maximum Solar Voltage(OCV):26V

Maximum Battery Voltage:17V

Operating Temperature: -40℉ to +140℉


14 AWG Cable,9.9ft, 15A built-in Fuse

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Suitcase w/ Voyager 20A Waterproof Charge Controller


Maximum Power: 2 x 50W

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 24.3V

Short Circuit Current (Isc): 2 x 2.73 A

Maximum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 20.3V

Maximum Operating Current(Imp): 2 x 2.47A

Weight: 21.2 lbs

Folded Dimension: 24.8x20x2.8 in

Designed to Empower Your Outdoor Adventures

Designed to Empower Your Outdoor Adventures

Foldable, and sturdy solar panel for outdoor activities, hiking, camping road trips, etc. Off-grid power supply able to carry anywhere.

Better Performance with Superior Durability!

Higher Module Efficiency

Small Size Easy for Carrying and Storage

Multi-Protection Ensure System Safety

Higher Module Efficiency

  • The Renogy solar panels use Grade A+ solar cells,multi-layered sheet laminations enhance cell performance and provide a long service life.

Small Size Easy for Carrying and Storage

  • Folding design minimizes in size, allows the suitcase can be easy to carry around, or stored in any gap in your RV or van without taking much space.

Multi-Protection Ensure System Safety

  • With utilizing smart PWM technology, the Voyager controller provides efficient, stable, and safe charging.Multiple protection keeping your battery and system fully protected.

Easy to Set Up

More Power and Flexibility

System Expansion Available

Easy to Set Up

  • This kit comes with alligator clips, allowing you to use the easiest way to connect the Voyager charge controller to your battery, ideal for a mobile system looking for flexibility.

More Power and Flexibility

  • Adjustable kickstands are easy to set up and allow you to get the best sunshine only need to change in small angles, ensuring you always get enough energy. Empower your outdoor adventures with more flexibility and possibility.

System Expansion Available

  • Additional panels added to the system are available based on your needs and space. (*We suggest connecting the same specification solar suitcases for expansion. The 20A charge controller included in the kit can accept expanding one additional 100W suitcase.)



1.Q:Can I add more solar panels with the suitcase to expand my system?

A:This solar suitcase is designed for expansion, additional panels are added to the system available based on your needs and space. We suggest you add the same solar suitcase for expansion. The 20A charge controller included in the kit can accept expanding one additional 100W suitcase.

2.Q:What type of batteries can be used with the kit?

A:Battery type compatibility depends on the charge controller specified compatible battery type. This solar kit comes with a Renogy Voyager 20A PWM waterproof charge controller. It supports Gel, AGM, Flooded, and Lithium batteries. Still, please set the correct battery type once it is installed and if a Lithium battery is connected, please manually set the system voltage due to the corresponding battery voltage. It also comes with a Lithium activation feature.

3.Q:Can this kit charge two or more 12V batteries connected in parallel?

A:Yes, it’s possible if the batteries have the same type and capacity and are wired in parallel as a single 12V battery bank.

4.Q:Can I use this suitcase to charging my 120v receptacles directly?

A:The suitcase is not able to charge 120V power receptacles directly. Plus a 12v battery and inverter would give the 120v output you would want. The panel would recharge the battery, the battery will store the power, and the inverter would be able to supply the 120v power that you need.

5.Q:Are these monocrystallin or polycrystallin panels?

A:The suitcase with 2 pcs 50W Renogy high quality monocrystalline solar panels.

6.Q:Can I use this suitcase in ranniy days? Can rain damage the solar kit?

A:The solar panels are fully waterproof with IP66 class. It will be able to work on rainy days and applicable to a wider range of scenarios, such as marine, yacht, etc. But we recommend you to use it with a waterproof charge controller, since water into the regular controller may damage the internal circuitry. You can search and find a bundle system including this suitcase with a waterproof Renogy Voyager 20A charger controller.

7.Q:Why is my solar panel underproducing?

A:Solar panel performance may be hindered for a number of reasons. Most commonly environmental conditions such as indirect sunlight, temperature rise, cloudy sky, and dirt and stain build up on the top glass will cause a reduced power output. This is a portable suitcase, you may try to move it in place or adjust the kickstands angels to get better sunshine. The ideal output of it will be around 500 Watt-hours per day (Calculated based on 100Wx5h expected sunlight availability).

Important information

Bulb Voltage

12 volts

Additional information

Weight 7.83 kg
Dimensions 24.8 × 20 × 2.8 cm




Item Dimensions LxWxH

24.8 x 20 x 2.8 inches


High Efficiency


100W-Waterproof Controller

Connector Type

Alligator clips

Included Components

100 Watt Mono Foldable Solar Suitcase20A Voyager Charge ControllerSolar Connectors to Alligator Clips w Fuse

Amperage Capacity

20 Amps

Maximum Voltage

12 Volts

Maximum Power

100 Watts

Part Number


Item Weight

7.83 pounds

Product Dimensions

24.8 x 20 x 2.8 inches

Item model number

100 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel


100W Panel-20A Controller


Solar Panel Suitcase


Solar Panel

Power Source

Solar Powered


12 Volts



Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

As an MPPT solar charge controller it guarantees maximum efficiency up to 99



Date First Available

February 2 2018



10 reviews for Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Portable Waterproof 20A Controller, Foldable 100W Panel Suitcase with Adjustable Kickstand Solar Charger

  1. davido

    Well built, self-contained portable solar solutionI’ve been researching and over-analyzing what solar solution to use with my pop-up camper trailer for a couple of years now, but finally have a trip in mind where solar is an option I cannot put off exercising any longer.There are pros and cons of a portable unit versus installed, stationary solar panels. Fully installed will be more convenient because once installed, you don’t have to set them up again. But then you’re forced to select campsites that don’t result in shading of the solar panels, and you can’t really adjust their angle once you’ve set up the trailer. Portable give you a ton of flexibility on where the panels are placed, customizable for every unique camp site situation. And you can use them in applications outside of just a single trailer. And portable panels don’t require drilling more holes in the trailer roof; holes that over time could become sources of water intrusion into the roof. In the end, I selected this portable unit.It is heavier than I expected. I know the listing is fully accurate on weight. I just thought of 20 pounds as less than it actually is. This is fine, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they are portable, and do work well. The size is also substantial, but you won’t find a smaller 100w solar suitcase, so it’s perfectly acceptable, and to be expected. It’s nice that it consists of two 50w panels, so compared to a single 100w panel, it does fold up to be half the outer dimensions.Setup is really easy. Connect the alligator clips to the battery, plug in the charge controller to the panel, and you’re done. First time setup includes selecting the battery chemistry. And of course you will need to position the panels on-site for optimal exposure to the sun.Once it’s installed, everything works as it ought to. The charge controller has all the phases you would expect of a good quality controller, despite not being a particularly high-end unit. I like that the controller is attached to the inside of the suitcase, making it really a self-contained system.The cable that comes with it is just under ten feet in length. This *may* be too short for some applications, and some campsites. I ordered an extension cable, and it can snap in as needed for extra length, and extra positioning options. If ordering an extension, make sure it’s one that provides positive and negative terminals, and that it’s a heavy enough gauge to reduce power loss over the distance.I was impressed with the build quality, and the “finished” feel it has. The latches to close up the suitcase are strong, the handle is strong, and it zips nicely into the included, padded nylon case. The cables fit inside the folded panel, so when it’s time to load it up for camping, there’s just one thing to grab.There are reviews online that take a more critical look at the efficiency of various panels and controllers. Renology always scores quite well, and I have no complaints. It works great.In summary, it’s a portable, high quality, well thought-out solar charger for 12v systems. The design is exactly what I hoped for, and I’m glad I bought it. If you’re looking for a portable solar charger in the 100w capacity, this should be a top contender.

  2. Free88

    Good productOverall, this is a good starter kit. The build quality is good, the panels are good, the charger is good, the cables are ok, the case is great. If you want something relatively simple and straightforward, this is probably your best bet within this power range.The while assembly is heavy, but well built. The panel, frames, swing out controller bracket, and adjustable legs are all pretty good. I feel the legs and the adjustment supports are too short. They could have made them each 3-4 inches longer, and that would have been perfect for the angles you need throughout the day. Its not a big con, but just saying they could have designed longer legs and brackets for minimal cost and afforded you more adjustment range to dial this thing in better. The controller bracket swings out, and has a velcro backing to keep it tucked if you want. Overall, the assembly sits very solid, and feels solid when closed up. The latches are pretty cheap, and I had to massage them a bit to finish the installation of the loops. The carry handle feels solid. The carrying case is fantastic, and well beyond expectations.The PV panels themselves seem like good quality, and yield great power output for their rated capacity. A lot of the CCJ non-rigid, super compact, folding panels mounted on sort of a cloth or fiberglass material you will see on Amazon are rated for, say, 120W, but in reality they are more like 90W rating. These Renogy panels deliver a pretty reliably 75% of their rated capacity with the included PWM controller. Those other panels deliver more like 50-55%% of their rated capacity with a PWM or 65-70% with a (far more expensive) MPPT. So, don’t let the lowly 100W rating of these fool you.The included PWM controller is nothing to write home about, but far better than you get in the typical CCJ non-rigid, super compact, folding kits. I can get a pretty consistent 155-165W of power being delivered to batteries from two 100W panels through the included PWM controller in a little less then perfectly optimal conditions. I have seen short peaks (30 seconds or less) of up to about 180W delivered to batteries with peak sun, peak angle, and low charge state on batteries. Basic info is available, V, A, Ah, SOC lights, and other status lights. Can be set for a variety of battery types. Simple, easy, straightforward. Does not include USB charging ports or a load output, which may be a con for some.The cables are mostly just ok. The ones coming out of the panels are a bit too small AWG, IMHO. Wished they were more like 12AWG. The pigtail for panel power on the controller is too small AWG. That should have been at least 12AWG and preferably 10AWG for situations were you may connect several panels to the controller up to its rating. Same on the pigtail for battery power. That should have been at least 12AWG and preferably 10AWG, again, for situations where you use multiple panels up to the controllers rating. The battery cable is too small AWG. That should have been 12AWG and preferably 10AWG. Its a 20A controller, and all the cables should have been rating for that at the minimum. Even better with 10AWG to reduce Voltage drops as you add length, which you pretty much will have to do in most cases for this product segment. Its fine, the included set up will work up to a point. Plan on buying a few cables, in-line fuses, etc., to have a complete, proper set up later as you grow the system. With two 100W panels and the included controller, a sustained 12A current flow to battery occurs often and for extended periods. I have seen it peak as high as 13.7A for short periods (30 seconds or less).In summary, this is a good kit for a good price. This is aimed at the segment who will always have a battery (or power station, Jackery, etc.) and then power loads from it, as opposed to powering things directly from the solar kit. Great for RV-er’s, emergency storm duty in a residential setting (with batteries), etc. The included 20A controller rating does afford you some expandability. You for sure can add a second 100W panel in parallel (manual says series configuration limit of 25VDC, so you cannot do two of these panels in series). A third 100W panel in parallel could also work, but you should probably look to get a 30A controller and increase the AWG on some of the cables.. You might exceed 20A in and out of this controller with three 100W Renogy panels for short periods in peak sun and hungry batteries. Minus 1 star for the undersized cables.

  3. Craig

    Very PleasedI went into the mountains of Colorado for a dry camping weekend. This was the first time using this product and I needed it to perform. It did! On and off rain all weekend, below 30 degrees overnight and this product did the job. My batteries fell to half charged each morning and it took about two hours to be full again. I was impressed. The only effort after easy set up was facing them east in the morning and west in the PM. I recommend this product from a successful weekend using them in not-so good weather.

  4. Rita W.

    Great product so far!Having never used solar or lithium batteries, I jumped in feet first and purchased a 100w/12v Ampere lithium battery and the Renogy 100w/12v suitcase set up. Believe me I looked and looked, read reviews and asked lots of questions at camper stores, friends and Facebook. Being an avid camper but never with a generator or solar, I was often going to full hook up facilities and when I did boondock, I could only go for a couple of days, if that, on my lead acid battery.I do well camping but I am admittedly not real savy on electronics, battery function, or solar function. I wanted something easy to use, without being too expensive, reliable and not too much over my head when trying to understand how it works.The Renogy suitcase I bought has the Voyager controller (which is waterproof, unlike the ones made a few years ago. It was fairly easy to hook up with the help of a friend, who also had no experience with lithium batteries and solar. The instructions could have been better but we figured it out. My lithium battery, which was brand new and had a partial charge, fully charged in a few hours using the solar on a sunny day.I feel after reading the reviews, that this will work for me for now, I need to test it out and see if I need more panels, but I am good with using less power as I like to cook outside, and just use the basics on my trailer.A few questions I need to get answered that I haven’t been able to is:Do I need an inverter in order to charge my lithium battery while plugged in to electricityWhat accessories do I need for my solar suitcaseIs it going to be enough for my needs to boondock for more than 2 days?I guess I will figure it out. I would have given 5 stars all the way because I do like it so far, but do think the instructions should be more detailed. The wires and cords are heavy duty and overall it seems to be really great for the deal ($193 w/Voyager Controller, on sale). Ampiere Battery was $359. So far so good!!

  5. SuzanneD

    Great Solar OptionI trust Renogy products, and this was my second purchase of their 100 watt suitcase panel. It’s plug and play out of the box, and the adjustable legs make it easy to create the correct angle to gather the most sun power. While not “lightweight”, you get what you pay for, this panel is well-built, sturdy and truly waterproof. It’s a little weighty, but that truly helps keep it secure even on a windy day.

  6. A . Cain

    A good product for charging a power station.I purchased this product for charging power station and lithium batteries. The unit is small enough to be easily transported. The max output ( non PWM output ) of the panels on a clear day is about 90 to 100 watts on a very clear day. On a overcast day where you cannot see any shadows it still outputs 16 to 19 watts. I would not recommend this unit with its present design to charge batteries. This unit requires the battery to be charged be connected to the PWM, before the PWM charging unit is connected to the panels.Failure to do this will destroy the PWM charging unit. So the IP67 connectors between the panels and the PWM must be disconnected before the battery is connected to the PWM output. After the battery is connected to the PWM unit and the PWM unit is configured for the type of battery you are using the solar panels can be connected to the PWM input via the IP67 connectors. What a hassle.Hopefully in their next design iteration they will add a 12 volt relay circuit and a battery charging engagement switch to the panel to PWM connection interface. That way the panels will only be connected to the PWM charger after the battery is connected and if the battery is accidently disconnected the panels will automatically be disconnected. This will protect the PWM charger unit. If that feature was added I would give this product the fifth star.

  7. J. Eiberger

    Beware when opening this from the case!The controller that comes with this kit does not have proper surge protection. You are ALWAYS supposed to plug the controller into your 12V battery first and ONLY THEN plug the other end into the solar panel.My unit shipped to me with the solar already connected to the controller. This meant that the moment I pulled it out of the case, I could have damaged the controller if it had collected too much light.They should NOT ship these with the cables connected.

  8. Sid

    Great portable 100 watt panel!This is a TOP OF THE LINE portable 100 watt solar panel that’s built like a tank. It’s not the best choice for permanent solar installations. It’s also not sold as such. But, believe me when I say it’s built GREAT! THIS panel has a great case that’s really made well also. You cannot buy a better camping solar charger , In my opinion! Good company to deal with and has very nice and affordable panels for off grid, campers, class A and C motor home off grid power support. Great product and company!

  9. blytheb

    Charges greatA bit heavy but durable. Charges great for us

  10. g squared

    So far greatSo far these panels are working great. I am charging two parallel deep cycle 12 volt batteries on my RV. It had been about a week since I was plugged in and the slide out which has a big power draw had been operated several times along with lights, but nothing else since the RV is parked right as I do some modifications. The panels were super easy to hook up and set the battery type. After about 4 days of full sun the two batteries are almost full charge. For 100 watts, no so bad. Easy to install and remove. Nice cover to protect the panels and the controller is attached inside the panels. So as long as it keeps working I am super happy.

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