REOLINK 4K Security Camera System, RLK16-800D8, 8pcs H.265 4K PoE Security Cameras Wired with Person Vehicle Detection, 8MP/4K

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Product details

Connectivity Technology Wired
Video Capture Resolution 4K (8MP, 3840 x 2160)
Special Feature H.265
Number of Channels 16
Memory Storage Capacity 3 TB

  • 4K Ultra HD – Reolink 4K Ultra HD (8MP, 3840 × 2160) PoE camera delivers almost four times the clarity of 1080p. Our camera kit provides users a vivid display, even when you digitally zoom in. Any flaw or distortion you’ve encountered before has been eliminated, ensuring you the highest quality view of your surroundings.
  • Plug and Play PoE System – A simple PoE connection makes it easier to set-up and install your home security camera system. With one single network cable, users can enjoy smooth security coverage of their entire house. This is perfect for both beginner camera users and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Continuous 24/7 Recording – With a pre-installed 3TB HDD, users are provided reliable 24/7 continuous recording and motion-triggered only recording. You can also install an extra internal hard drive (up to 6TB) for backup storage.
  • Remote Access and Playback – The free Reolink app allows you to access all your cameras remotely, no matter how many you have. Check in on your home or business whenever, wherever. Perform live views and playbacks on your smart device (iOS, Android) via WiFi or 3G/4G connection.
  • 2 Years Warranty – Users are provided with a lifetime tech support and a 2-year warranty. Simply contact Reolink tech support via e-mails and Amazon Message, and we will replace any defected or broken products.


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Product Description


Make Security Easier with No Compromise

Reolink Smart 4K Ultra-HD Security Camera System with Person & Vehicle Detection


Great Details in 4K Ultra HD, Peaceful 24/7

4K Ultra-HD video clarity helps keep all the details sharp day and night. Reliable NVR local storage and Reolink software allows checking anytime anywhere you want.

Smart Motion Detection


Smart Detection, Identify True Threats

Smart detection of people and vehicles filters out unwanted alerts such as those triggered by bugs and leaves. Save your time and energy over general motion detection. You can also set and apply general motion detection or 24/7 recording as needed.


Instant Push, Take Actions Timely

A prompt email & push notification will be sent to users’ smart devices once moving objects are detected, allowing for quick action. Buzzer in the NVR will alert you and FTP uploading will also be underway for backup. Free shared access allows your colleagues or family for surveillance together.

Reolink Smart 4K PoE Surveillance Camera System Specifications

NVR Smart PoE Video Recorder RLN16-410
Video Outputs Up to 8MP via HDMI and 1080P via VGA for this kit (depands on the resolution of cameras, up to 12MP supported)
Synchronous Playback 1CH@8MP; 4CH@4MP
Frame Rate 20fps
Compression Format H.265
HDD Capacity 1× internal port, 1× external port, 6TB max for each port(12TB in total)
Remote Access iOS/Android Phone, Windows/Mac PC
Working Temperature -10°C +45°C (14°-113°F)
Camera Waterproof IP66
Video Resolution 3840×2160 (8.0 Megapixels) @25FPS
Lens f=4.0 mm fixed; F=2.0, with IR-cut filter
Night Vision 100ft, 18pcs IR LEDs
Audio Built-in Microphone for Audio Recording only
Field of View Horizontal: 87°; Vertical: 44°
Notice Cameras in the kit can only be used with Reolink PoE NVR. Cameras in the kit cannot work with Alexa or Google Home.

Additional information

Weight 28.1 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 15.5 × 15.25 cm


Connectivity Technology


Video Capture Resolution

4K 8MP 3840 x 2160

Special Feature


Number of Channels


Memory Storage Capacity

3 TB



Compatible Devices


Signal Format


Other camera features

247 Recording Smart Motion Detection

Low light technology

IR LED Black & White Night Vision

Optical Sensor Technology


Package Dimensions

17.5 x 15.5 x 15.25 inches

Item Weight

28.1 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

December 9 2019


REOLINK, Reolink Digital

9 reviews for REOLINK 4K Security Camera System, RLK16-800D8, 8pcs H.265 4K PoE Security Cameras Wired with Person Vehicle Detection, 8MP/4K

  1. Albert

    ALMOST perfect. Change exposure for better night vision.UPDATE: I did a previous update a week ago tearing into this because just nothing was working right. I almost returned it. Instead I pestered customer service (they’re saints) for almost 3 weeks to have them help figure out what was wrong with it because this set up has the best night vision I’ve seen. It’s all been resolved now (I think…). But come on, I paid a LOT of money for this – for it to not work right is unacceptable. That just can’t happen. So, I’m deleting THAT update and replacing it with this one – but I’m leaving the pictures up showing the system turning off constantly when it was apparently getting wet.- Night vision, still great IF you change the frame rate/exposure. I have mine set at 28. Go to settings display, advanced settings. Change it for each camera.- Those waterproof caps are an absolute necessity. The rubber gasket broke off mine somehow. I didn’t notice. It must have been damaged and eventually broke off on it’s own a few days later. Water was getting in. It was making the camera turn itself off randomly and CONSTANTLY. And I’d have to redo the settings each time. It was infuriating. I almost sent the system back. I switched the camera, switched the cable, switched the port it was plugged into – nothing worked. It wasn’t until I noticed the water getting in the defective cap. They replaced the broken camera. But it kept happening – so it wasn’t the cap. water was ALSO getting in the exposed external power port AND the reset switch. This, to me, is an insane design flaw. Why are these open like this? I had them taped but water was still getting in somehow. We did have a lot of rain that week, which is good otherwise I’d have been stuck with a broken camera. Why can’t they come with a cap? My solution was to put a heat shrink tube around it, shrink it down tight, fold the excess over twice, then rubber band it. This has been helping to keep water out and since I’ve done it the camera hasn’t turn off anymore.- I had the motion detection zone backwards which is why it wasn’t working right. You have to select where you DON’T want to record. Which is counterintuitive. Checkerboard pattern = do not detect motion. Now it works better. Still not perfect or great but a lot better than when I had it backwards.- I also bought an 8mp Lorex system with motion detector lights and all the bells and whistles. It was almost twice as much as this system and it was significantly worse. Same day quality. TERRIBLE night quality. After trying FOUR systems this month Reolink all the way.END UPDATE———————————–I bought a 5mp Annke system. It was no good.I bought an 8mp Annke system. It was one step forward and one hundred steps back.Those are the short versions. Full reviews are under their product pages.I’m still tweaking and learning and playing with this system. I may update after I spend a week or a month with it and see how it does.This image quality is, unfortunately, not as good as I expected. But still the best recorder I’ve seen so far.The 8mp Annke I used had a PERFECT daytime picture. Like, it blew me away. But night time was unusable and it couldn’t be adjusted. This, being an 8mp system as well I expected the same clarity if not better – since everything I’ve read had indicated that 8mp NVR > 8mp DVR.And while it is a very clear image it’s not quite on the same level. I can’t make out license plates with this set up. I could with the Annke. But again, that system had SOOOOO many more problems. It really was junk. That picture was the only good thing about it – which doesn’t mean much when the DVR loses data like it did. And it was only during the day that the picture was good. Night image was AWFUL. And since most things that require security cameras happen at night, then what good is it?Customer service was INCREDIBLY helpful and good. Best I’ve come across in years. Can’t say enough good things about the customer service/tech support.The night vision, initially, isn’t great. It was about the same level (maybe a LITTLE better) as the 8mp Annke that I was returning for it’s poor night vision. However, THIS one can be adjusted and customer service walked me through it. They showed me how to increase the frame rate during night hours so you get a smoother night vision and are able to capture faces walking by. If you don’t adjust they will be a blur even when walking slowly.You lose a LITTLE bit of the crisp image 4k quality but if you don’t do it, then only things staying PERFECTLY still will look very clear. And seriously the different is negligible with the FPS turned up. It’s much more important to be able to see the faces. And of the 3 systems I’ve used recently this system by FAR has the best night vision (when the settings are tweaked.It would be nice if you could see plates as they drive by. Because I know it’s possible. The other system did it. And that’s really eating at me. Because it’s supposed to be the same level of quality, no? It should be even BETTER quality from what I’ve read. If it could get plates as they drove by this would get 100 stars. It would be the perfect system.Even little things about this system are great. Like how you mount the cameras. I know some people will complain that they’re not as tamper proof as other cameras where they hide the screws and mount and all that. But honestly, I prefer it. You install the mount – 4 screws. And the camers twists and locks into place. Easy. And then you can adjust the camera angle easily too. The Annke 8mp system had bullet cameras with a different screw for every adjustment. So, by the time you get the angle where you want it, now you have to tighten the screw and will inevitably move the camera a little and lose the angle you just struggled to get. Not a problem with these. And honestly, if someone DOES walk up to your camera and twist it off the plate, or cut the wire, or tamper with it in any way – they’re going to be as close to the camera as possible and you’ll get a VERY clear image of the person doing it. No one is going to walk up and tamper with it though. They don’t know it just twists off. I must prefer the way these mount compared to other cameras I’ve used.I put plastic wrap and tape around the old BNC camera cables anyway. So, these coming with a plastic waterproof cap was very nice. No need to bust out the saran wrap and electrical tape. Although, it only covers the ethernet cable – I may still tape the end of the exposed (optional) power line hanging out of the camera.The audio recording is very nice. Every camera records its own audio. It may not be the same for you but if I had the choice between eagle eyeing license plates as cars drove by during the day (no surveillance system can really do that at night. Too much glare with the IR) and hearing audio 24/7 then I’m going with the audio. Lets say someone smashes your car with a bat and you catch him. You’ll see his face because of the great night vision and you’ll hear it happening. Which, I know sounds stupid. But police might be like “well, you can’t really see exactly what he’s doing. Maybe he’s walking by and trips and it’s an accident” but if you HEAR it too it’s just that much more proof. And when you play it for the judge it’s more impactful and will hopefully influence the sentence.I just set up the detection zones tonight. But it was easy to do and will hopefully cut down on searing through hours of video like I had to do with my old system. There were no alerts on my old old old one that I’ve had for years. So, if something happened I had to take hours of footage from all different angles. Load it onto a thumb drive which could take hours. Then bring it to my PC where I have video editing software that will smoothly scroll through all hours of video. Which could still take hours to look through. Hopefully these alerts will make it so if something does happen I won’t have to look through 12 HOURS of footage – I can just check the alerts and maybe quickly scroll through a couple minutes or so. In theory anyway. I haven’t used it yet. We’ll see…

  2. BCS

    Nice security system at a good priceSurprisingly easy to set up, even remote monitoring. Website has answers to all questions I had. Reliable. Feature laden. The camera resolution could be better.

  3. Erick 407

    So far so good, easily install, and an upgrade to my old 1080P System.I needed an upgrade to my old system and wanted higher resolution with better night time function and I believe that’s what I received.I purchased the system with turrets and I’m glad I did, The old bullet style of cameras with the compression nut to hold it in position really suck to get set at the right spot, these bullet style cameras were a BREEZE to install. I literally swapped out 7 cameras in about an hour. The base for the bullet cams offers enough holes to get a strong proper hold to the wall/roof, and the camera itself just spins onto the base with a snap lock. From there you simply rotate the camera left/right or up/down and it holds itself in whatever position you find works best for you.You can see in my pictures how strong the IR lights illuminate that they get picked up by regulatre photography and it shows in my night images. I used to have to set up my old NVR system with an IP based backend and iVMS app for remote viewing of my cameras, but the ReoLink app does it all almost automatically. Just make sure you’re on the same network as the NVR system and the app finds it and shows your cameras, from there you can configure and password protect the viewing of it.This specific model doesn’t work with my Alexa Show 15 which for whatever reason I expected it would, but it’s not a deal breaker.The only complaint I have about this system would be the APP itself, when you open the APP on your phone and view the ‘snapshot’ screen, it doesn’t actually refresh a still image of whats going on at that moment on those cameras..what you get is the last image from your last viewing of that to actually get a snapshot of your home/business you have to open each camera individually and stream it to get a good 360 degree view. The playback option in the mobile APP is great and I really can’t find any faults.This is a very good bang for your buck system and it had everything neatly organized in the box that you would need to get your cameras up and going including the LAN cable. I’d buy it again no problem.

  4. Sharod D Jackson

    Why is customer service so difficult!Cannot get a hold of a human being easily. Not pleased so far. Login with the company has me as unknown even though they send me verification links. Not pleased

  5. Akiraro

    Very good nvrI bought this Reolink NVR camera system with 8 turret 4K cameras to replace an older DVR system (analog 1080p) with 4 cameras from 4-5 years ago.l’m very happy with my purchase. The image quality during the day is excellent. Much better then other more expensive competitor. The resolution is higher at 4K but the difference between a digital signal and an analog signal makes a huge difference also. The user interface on the NVR, windows and android are also much better then my older system (Annke brand). Very user friendly and everything is easy to setup.The only downside is that the quality of the footage at night could be much better. I didn’t expect a miracle but the ghosting (blur) is much worse then my older cameras. Anything that moves is very blurry at night. Don’t expect to identify someone’s face or vehicule at night. Unless that person or vehicule stay still. My older camera did perform much better in this area even at a lower 1080p resolution.Overall, it’s a huge step in the right direction with many great feature like vehicule and person detection for fast and smarter playback, voice recording, better apps etc…

  6. Kam Fam

    Broken Power Supply warranty won’t replaceSCAMI purchased this a couple months ago and now the power supply is broken tried to get real link to replace it as it is under warranty they don’t carry the parts and are unwilling to help me.Do not buy productDon’t spend all this time installing just so if one part breaks they won’t replace it.I can’t even buy one or fine one online.

  7. NetChick

    Easy set up!!So far, so good! After install, it was 10 mins to set up! Super easy.I have to say, the NVR SUCKS though!!!! So. LOUD!!!!! Why did they put such a crappy cheap fan in it? It sounds like a jet engine in my kitchen (ok, an exaggeration but seriously, with what I paid, c’mon!!!The video quality is great. Get the app on your phone – way better than dealing with the nonsense nvr which is being relegated to my furnace room.I do recommend these cameras – just be careful placing them so light from sun isn’t directly in front of it.

  8. Reviewer

    ImpossibleCamera dead in less than 1 month. Amazon useless as I now neeed to pay or uninstall, refund the entire item, reorder amd reinstall. Terrible service. No worthwhile solution. Also there was no two way audio on here. Waste of money and time.!

  9. Ron O.

    Works GreatBought 4 additional cameras and all 12 are working as expected. Great clarity. Easy to install cameras. Only issue is we have it connected to our network so we can access the cameras with the app, and a couple of our printers keeps coming up as invalid cameras, and telling the configuration to ignore them doesn’t work as they keep popping back up. Just ignoring for now as they don’t affect our camera anyway.

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