RIDGID 35473 K-45AF Sink Machine with C-1 5/16 Inch Inner Core Cable and AUTOFEED Control, Sink Drain Cleaner Machine and Bulb

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Approved to UL standards and CSA approved (115V only).

The RIDGID K-45AF Sink Machine is a drain cleaning machine with AUTOFEED system that advances and retrieves the cable at the push of a lever, up to 20 feet per minute. It has a large tough, corrosion-resistant cable drum that withstands harsh treatment, it will not dent and it cleans easily. The two-piece “twist-lock” canister with interchangeable inner drum makes cable change-out simple and easy to match the right cable for the job. Step up from this 25-foot of cable to full 50 foot of 5/16 inch cable or 35 foot of 3?8 inch. It spins at 200 RPM (Rotations per minute) during use and up to 600 RPM with no-load.

The C-1 Inner Core drain snake cable has a vinyl-wrapped inner core to prevent rust and enhance cable life. It is compression wound for strength and resists kinking to negotiate tough bends and traps. The cable provides good flexibility and cleaning power to the cable end where the Bulb Head tears into the clog.

The design of this cleaner has a lightweight feel, which allows for easy transportation around worksite and loading into service trucks or vans. Excellent for small line cleaning. Opens clogged lavatory, sink lines, urinals, and tub or shower drains.

Includes: K-45AF Sink Machine with AUTOFEED of C-1 Inner core snake and Bulb Head Auger, RIDGID Drain Cleaning gloves, and Operator’s Manual

RIDGID covers its products with a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship for the life of the tool.

Since 1923, RIDGID has remained the symbol of certainty to dedicated professionals of the expert trades. Every tool that bears the RIDGID brand is engineered to the same high standards of quality, strength, and endurance, as was that first heavy-duty pipe wrench more than 80 years ago.


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Weight 11.02 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 14 cm
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12 x 7 x 14 inches; 11.02 Pounds

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October 27 2010



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Ridgid Tool Company

9 reviews for RIDGID 35473 K-45AF Sink Machine with C-1 5/16 Inch Inner Core Cable and AUTOFEED Control, Sink Drain Cleaner Machine and Bulb

  1. Kelly Donahue Herder

    Great tool – one thing bugged me …Not my first plumbing rodeo and our master shower is abused by mi wife’s body wash and all the stuff she uses. To the point that the drain runs slower and slower and then this Rigid Autofeed auger showed up. I read all the directions and they were well written – except for one thing: The first time I fired up the unit, the forward feed did – wait for it – nothing. So I read the troubleshooting section of the manual and there was nothing about this condition. You Tube – video and some guy said to make sure that the black drum/clutch was NOT up against the drum. Mine shipped that way and when I yanked on the clutch – it popped out a bit and then the auto feed worked great and, in less than five minutes the auger head returned a ton of hair that was seemingly globbed together with body wash.Bonus points for this product having a long power cord with a GFCI on the end.More bonus points for an included pair of gloves.This product is pricey, but will pay for itself in the first use. Nice job Rigid…

  2. L. Booher

    Just do not buy this machine.Unfortunately I bought a low-flo toilet to help fight California’s drought. The low-flo toilet does not put out enough water to clear my fairly flat sewer line. I had the plumber out about every two weeks to reopen the sewer (he says that frequency has been common with customers buying low-flo toilets) and the plumber recommend I get my own tool to clear the sewer line to save all his expensive trips to my house. So I got the Rigid K-45. I gave it 3 stars because it works mechanically just fine. But it will not clear the line. The Rigid’s line is too short and too small to open the sewer. The plumber’s tool has a much bigger line. The plumber says the small line on the Rigid K-45 just goes right through soft blockages without opening the line. I am putting my Rigid on Craig’s list. (Note – I would buy a new regular-flo toilet, but those are now illegal in California.) Update to One Star – I tried the machine again on the next blockage after the plumber ran the line. The forward/back mechanism does not really work and you have to pull out or push back the line using the glove Ridgid provides. I accidentally pulled the line wall the way out (the line apparently is not tied off inside the spool) and had to push it back in. I think it went in backward. The next time I tried it, I made sure the line was set to go forward, but the machine pulled the line all the way back into the spool. I will have to take the spool apart and rewind it. Unfortunately I have had the infernal machine too long to return it. To avoid the plumber’s charge, I went to Lowe’s and bought a 50 foot 5/8 inch hand cranked line for about $35. So far it has been working to clear the sewer line. Since I needed the clean out right away, I did not check to see if Amazon has the same product.

  3. paulcalvo

    Used this brand for years no issuesGood

  4. LL

    Amazon sent used product paid for newHopefully this works fine but was sent a used product with the original ups label still on the box. I bought new not from the Amazon warehouse.

  5. Martin S.

    Love itRecently bought a house now I have this to clean and keep up the maintenance on all pipes.

  6. Fun Finder

    Need a stand so it can be put on floorIt is extremely heavy and not very easy to handle. Also the moving of the auger thread is not effective. As a result, it did not fix the sink blockage. I had to get a plumber and he got an much better tool on a stand that I can put on the floor and let it run. Maybe I have to learn more on how to better use it.

  7. ray

    comfortable to handleThe K-45 is a solidly built tool, comfortable to handle, and easy to use. The Operator’s Manual is also well written and illustrated. I’ve used rental snakes many times but learned much from this manual. This machine starts gently and both feeds and retrieves steadily. I purchased a 50′ cable because the 25′ cable wasn’t long enough for my needs. Comparing the purchase price to a rental cost, it seems that the purchase cost will be the about the same as three or four rentals. Given family and friends, payback should come quickly. I should have bought the K-45 long ago and can’t wait till my next pipe becomes plugged:)

  8. Tom

    Perfect for sink tubesI have been used this machine at least once a week. Easy to operate, easy to change drum, ease to clean. Cable can be clean with water in the drum liner. I recommend the use of a proctective mask to avoid water drops in eyes and face. Some cables slip in the drum liner. To avoid this, the torque arm of K-40 (Ridgid I-Nr. 71847) machine can be used.After one year of use this machine, I can say this is a reliable tool for small secondary lines up to 2 inch (tube diameter). Please, read the instructions, you can damage the cable easyly when cable is forward at high RPM and in galv steel pipes. After each use, the cable can be dryed in drum with a home hair dryer.

  9. Chrissypop

    PerfectExactly what i expected.

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