Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 5×2 Feet, Brown

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Brand Rubbermaid
Color Olive
Material Resin
Item Dimensions LxWxH 31 x 52 x 81 inches
Item Weight 120 Pounds

  • Storage Shed dimensions – 52” W x 31” D x 81” H | Storage Capacity – 53 cubic feet
  • Leak-resistant, dent-resistant, weather-resistant
  • Easy to assemble. Extra deep fit for large, hard to store items
  • Heavy duty, impact resistant floor included | Lockable (lock not included)
  • Use Rubbermaid wall anchors to add pegboard, shelves and other organizational accessories to the inside of the shed



The smart design of the Rubbermaid Outdoor Large Resin Vertical Storage Shed is tall and spacious enough to keep your supplies organized without taking up too much space. Crafted with thick, double-walled construction, this 53-cubic feet outdoor storage shed is built to last through all types of weather and is maintenance-free, leak-, dent-, and weather resistant. Featuring a locking mechanism, a lock can be added for extra security. Ideal for storing long handled tools, outdoor supplies, gas cans and storage bins. Heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor included.

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Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 31 × 52 × 81 cm






Item Dimensions LxWxH

31 x 52 x 81 inches



Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

31 x 52 x 81 inches

Item Weight

120 Pounds



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10 reviews for Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 5×2 Feet, Brown

  1. Truckzilla

    5 FEET IT’S NOTThe title for this item says it’s 5 feet wide but you’re lucky to get 4 feet of width. When you dig a little deeper Rubbermaid will tell you the outside width is 52 inches. The title is flat wrong. Parts fit well together and goes together quickly. It’s a nice 4 FOOT WIDE shed.

  2. John Lohmeyer

    Sturdy and tight!This good looking unit was easy to assemble. One person can put together most all of the pieces. I wanted a storage unit that was nice and tight for storing patio furniture cushions (mice love eating patio cushions – who knew?), anyway, this shed was quite nicely sealed. I added some caulk in a couple of the inside corners where I could see a little light coming in, but other than that it seems to be well sealed. The mice aren’t happy but I am! This is a nice good looking choice for storing your stuff.

  3. California Stingray

    Easy to setup. Works great with a few additional stepsVery easy to setup. Must have a nice level base for this to work optimally. I also calked the inside so it’s nice and weather proof and put some bricks temporarily on the corners of the roof to keep it from warping upwards. Will come up with a more permanent solution for that soon. Overall I like it but feel like it’s overpriced for a big plastic tub!

  4. Barclay Goeppner

    Assembly is RudimentaryThe general appearance and weather resiliency seems good. The process of screwing down at specific location seems crude and less sturdy. Which made me believe is longevity might be short lived.

  5. Wm David

    Nice shedBought for wood pellets storing. 1 ton of 40# bags half way. Make sure the floor is level

  6. Ms Ginny

    Great Storage Shed But Check the Size!The shed is perfect to store all of my gardening tools and the walls are molded to easily customize for shelves and pegboard. However the product heading advertises a 5 X 2 ft. shed when the actual size is listed in the description – 52W X31D X 81H. I was preparing for quite a wider shed and was surprised to see that it was closer to 4 ft wide. But it looks great and I’m happy with it!


    Not the advertized sizeI am reviewing what is supposed to be a Rubbermaid 5′ x 2′ storage shed. We measured the area we had available for this shed, which part of was the sidewalk next to our house. What we received from Amazon was 48.75″ (4′ 1/16″) by 30″ (2 1/2′) actually 33″ at the base. First off, it’s not 5 feet wide and not 2 feet deep. It sticks out an extra 6 to 9 inches into our sidewalk area, making it hard to walk by. Before you purchase this note that the information provided by amazon is not always correct.Next, the pre-made holes are covered in a plastic material we had to drill through to make the screws work. Also, one of the doors scrape at the bottom which I will have to modify.Otherwise, it is a well designed shed and without the extra steps, would have gone together with 2 peoplefairly easily.Joe S.

  8. winter

    5′ tall female assembled alone.This took me about 1.5 hours to assemble, taking my time. I had help from 2 dogs, a goat and a 5 year old who all wanted to be in the middle of the fun. I had to stop for a phone call, fixing the 5 year old lunch, and getting one of my dogs that decided to visit the neighbor. Directions were pretty straight forward. These are my tips for assembling alone.1. after punching and predrilling the floor panel, place a foot on each panel, near the screw hole to keep either panel from raising as you screw them together.2. I did not follow the directions for the first 4 panels. It was easier to assemble back corner panels together on the ground (c to d) and (e to f) then install each corner so I didn’t have to stand on a ladder and try to slide the panels together.3. I preplaced all of the screws through the back wall enough to stay in place, because these screws are in a recessed area and I did not have a magnetic phillips bit. If I would have tried to screw them 1 at a time, it would have been nearly impossible to hold the next screw in place.4. The only part I have yet to do are the 4 interior roof screws that are not in the corners, because someone needs to hold downward pressure on the outside of the roof, while they are screwed from the inside. When my husband gets home, I’ll have him help. I tried to have the 5 year old do it on the step ladder(I know, mom of the year) but the dark roof was “too hot for her kid hands”. I got her 2 rags for her hands, but after she dropped them twice before I could get back in the shed, I figured I’d wait for dad.Tip: I was assembling in 100 degree weather. make sure you don’t lean the panels against a wall in the sun, because the will bow in heat. I was able to flex them to get them to slide together, but was harder. Luckily I only made that mistake with 2 panels and not the doors. All of the others were flat on the ground, but I was attempting to “make a fort” to keep the 5 year old occupied (not yacking my ear off while I’m trying to read directions.)I gave it 4 stars because I don’t know how it’s going to hold up in our 100+ degree weather. Time will tell.

  9. Mariana Olivera

    Mala calidad y servicioPésimo servicio el producto llego con varios daños y raspones, el vendedor no se ha hecho responsable de la situación, solo le está dando largas. No se ha dado ningún reembolso o descuento por esta mala calidad y servicio. No se recomienda

  10. Carmen

    Facil de armarMe encanto, compre 2 y puse todo lo que en el closet me ocupaba espacio ,en uno los adornos de navidad y en el otro pinturas, herramientas y accesorios que deben estar bajo techo. Los tengo a la intemperie y no les entra agua ni polvo, a pesar de ser plasticos sellan bien. Es una excelente articulo para tener orden y a buen resguardo artículos de poco uso o de temporada.

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