Safe and Sound PRO II RF Meter 200MHz – 8GHz – Perfect for Measuring Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, Etc.

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Brand Safe Living Technologies
Power Source Battery Powered
Style Handheld
Color Clear

  • 5G Ready! – Low and Mid Bands.
  • 3rd Party Certified RF Detector with +/- 6dB accuracy from 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz, and effective from 200 MHz to 8 GHz!
  • Premium 4 line OLED Display for digital readings up to 2,500,000 µW/m² and down to 0.001 µW/m²
  • Max Hold, Max Reset Button, USB Power Jack for Continuous Monitoring, Volume Control, Headphone Jack, Calibration Certificate and more!




  • True response detection range: (400 MHz to 7.2 GHz) +/- 6dB, effective 200 MHz to 8 GHz Accuracy
  • Accuracy +/- 6dB performance tested in a 3rd party certified RF testing lab. Each meter is individually calibrated and QC inspected
  • Sound signature analysis to assist with source identification
  • 3 selectable volume levels + Sound On/Off option
  • Low EMF emissions, designed for the Electrically Hypersensitive person in mind
  • Premium 4 line OLED Display for a real time display that is easy to read in any type of light
  • Uses state of the art measurement technology and is sensitive to 0.001 µW/m²
  • Meters are temperature compensated to measure accurately under any environmental conditions
  • Power Response linearization completed in a 3rd party certified RF testing lab
  • Will measure 5G cellular signals between (200 MHz – 8 GHz)
  • Measures power densities up to 2,500,000 µW/m² and down to 0.001 µW/m²
  • Max Hold with option to clear at anytime
  • Bar graph of RF intensity
  • USB Micro Power Jack for continuous monitoring
  • High quality adjustable Volume Control, as well as 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Battery remaining display
  • Battery operated (2 x AA Alkaline only) – 12 – 15 hour battery life
  • Small, durable and compact handheld design – 7″ X 4.5″ X 1.5″ (17cm x 11cm x 4cm)
  • Engineered in Canada – Manufactured in Canada and the USA
  • 2 Year Warranty


Some of the more common sources the meter can detect: Cell towers, Cell phone emissions, Cordless home phones, Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz), Bluetooth devices, Smart meter emissions, Baby monitors, Airport radar, Microwave oven leakage detection

Supplied with:

  • Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter: Qty=1
  • Zippered Carrying Case
  • User’s Guide
  • 9 Volt Battery

Additional information

Weight 9.88 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6 × 1.6 cm
Package Dimensions

6.5 x 6 x 1.6 inches; 9.88 Ounces

Item model number



2 AA batteries required. included

Date First Available

April 5 2019




Safe Living Technologies Inc.

10 reviews for Safe and Sound PRO II RF Meter 200MHz – 8GHz – Perfect for Measuring Cell Phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, Etc.

  1. Pamela

    Excellent customer serviceSafe Living Technologies has exceptional customer service. I purchased their Safe and Sound Pro II meter and accidentally left it on my back porch for over a week. I emailed the company afterwards because the meter was not working properly. I asked if I could send it in for repair and received an immediate and positive response. When the meter was opened during repair, it showed extensive moisture damage. However, even though I was to blame, the company gave me a significant discount to purchase a new one. Now I’m able to resume the work of reducing unsafe frequencies at home, which is a high priority for us since my wife is recovering from cancer. Safe Living Technologies is a company that stands behind its word to support people’s health.

  2. Debbie West

    EMF meterVery nice and good quality meter.

  3. Victor 1972

    Informative Easy to UseIt’s simple to use. The meter will tell you where you have high RF activity. Most important is to know what can be done to reduce it. For example, it’s useful to see what happens in a bedroom when the wifi network is powered down. We have a router is the master bedroom and shutting it down is significant reduction in RF activity.

  4. Janis Jade

    Great productGreat product, easy to use and very durable! Definitely worth the buy and money for a peace of mind knowing the levels of EmF exposure in your home and surroundings

  5. John L. Schumacher

    Safe & Sound Pro has opened my eyesSafe & Sound Pro is a easy to use and understand tool. It provides visual and auditable information of the Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) in your environment. The lights representing Safe, Moderate, High & Extreme, provide immediate feedback to you, identifying if your in a Safe area or not. Flashing green is good. Flashing red (Extreme) is very bad. I’ve used this tool throughout the house, apartments, office spaces. I now know how unsafe each of these areas are. I’ve monitor my commute, my walks, hikes. I have found very few safe spaces, except my home and some hikes.Thank you, “Safe Living” for an excellent product!

  6. lise

    Highly sensitiveI like that this meter has a huge range of signals it picks up. I like that you can turn on and off the sound, and adjust the volume. It shows the peak, and the average of signals over a period of time.

  7. V. Hill

    HOLY COWWell I guess this works but OMG…my home and almost everywhere I drive hits on HIGH or EXTREME. I cannot find a lower rating in my home. I am now scared to death…I have no idea what to do

  8. lulu

    very accurate and easy to useI’ve used other meters, this one is so easy to use and not bulky. It is quite detailed displaying Peak, Max and Avg readings. I found it to be the best and easiest RF detector on the market.

  9. GH

    Excellent product!! Very happy with purchase.Top quality design and function. This device is helping me locate problem areas that I was unaware of or overlooked.Ignore one star ratings when they don’t provide review or explanation.

  10. Wens

    Easy to use!Super easy to use! I am now much more aware of the invisible pollution coming out of my electronic devices.

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