SawStop Folding Outfeed Table, Black

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Product Dimensions 32″D x 44″W x 34″H
Color Black
Shape Rectangle
Brand SawStop
Style Modern

  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Stamped steel support plate
  • Three roller bars
  • Adjustable feet
  • 250lb capacity



Engineered from steel for maximum carrying capacity, the outfeed Table is sized to match the width of your cast iron Table and wings. The Table is designed for easy adjustability and maximum Glide, with strategically-placed rollers for smooth operation. Compatible with all SawStop cast iron Table saw Mobile bases, the Folding outfeed Table quickly stows for an easy move.

From the manufacturer

Key Features

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Heavy-Duty Construction

The outfeed table is made from powder coated steel with a stamped steel support plate and steel support legs to accommodate materials up to 250 lbs. The 3 strategically-placed roller bars ensure smooth operation.


Configure the outfeed table to match the width of your cast iron table and wings, even if you’ve removed a wing for a sliding table. Compatible with all Industrial Cabinet Saw & Professional Cabinet Saw mobile bases.


Limit the footprint in your shop by quickly folding the table and stowing it against the back of the cabinet. To maximize the space in your shop even further, accompany this table with the Industrial Cabinet Saw or Professional Cabinet Saw mobile base.

Additional Options

The outfeed table can be set up with 4 additional roller bars for added glide during operation. These roller bars are sold separately through the SawStop Parts Store.

SawStop, table saw, table saw safety

SawStop – Stops On Contact With Skin

Since 2004, SawStop has revolutionized the table saw industry with a patented safety system that stops the spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds and drops below the table – minimizing a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.

Beyond a commitment to safety, SawStop is dedicated to making the highest-quality table saws on the market. Each SawStop model is designed and engineered by woodworkers, for woodworkers. From the heaviest, most powerful 10” Industrial Cabinet Saw, to the innovative Jobsite Saw Pro, SawStop has a table saw to fit any woodworker’s needs.

Important information


0 watts

Bulb Voltage

0 volts

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 32 × 44 × 34 cm








Top Material Type


Base Type


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Frame Material


Model Name

Outfeed Table

Assembly Required


Included Components

Stamped steel support plate Hardware pack 5 Table tube 8 Roller bars 3 Table support tube 4 Adjustable feet Manual Support leg 2

Furniture Finish

Alloy Steel

Part Number


Item Weight

35 Pounds

Product Dimensions

32 x 44 x 34 inches, 32D x 44W x 34H

Country of Origin


Item model number



Alloy Steel Iron

Item Package Quantity


Measurement System


Batteries Required


Warranty Description

Limited manufacturer warranty. See owners manual for details.



Date First Available

December 20 2017



10 reviews for SawStop Folding Outfeed Table, Black

  1. Kevin C

    Works (mostly) as advertised, but expensiveI’ve been trying to find time to build my own folding outfeed table for a couple years now, so I finally decided to take the plunge and buy this to replace an old outfeed table made out of a half-sheet of plywood.I have a PCS with the industrial base + floating overarm dust collection (the 4″ tube one, not the 2.5″ tube one).As others have written, it’s sort of annoying that a $350 piece of equipment requires so much assembly. That said, I was able to go from box opening to assembled in about 2 hours, so anyone saying it takes half a day . . . don’t know what’s up there. I also found the instructions to be straightforward, so not sure what people are crabbing about there. Having to shim with washers to get the right height relative to the saw’s table is also sort of annoying but worked fine (I used one washer above and five below to get it about 1/32 below the saw’s table). No issues with the floating overarm dust collection.Once assembled it is absolutely rock solid and folds up and down without issue. Rub some paraffin wax on it and you’re good to go. I also love that it’s essentially full of holes. My old solid outfeed table ended up having all kids of junk thrown on it. This prevents that, which makes sense since it’s supposed to fold!Aside from the premium price, my only gripe is that it doesn’t fold flat because the side tubes hit the mobile base. I don’t particularly care about the extra 4 inches or so it sticks out or the fact that I have to remove the end caps to use the saw with the outfeed table folded down. It doesn’t impact the functionality or the ability to store it. Certainly not worth shortening the tubes and losing precious outfeed space so the thing looks “good” when folded.It just annoys me that they couldn’t engineer a better solution for one of their most popular configurations (PCS + industrial base).

  2. Eye4One

    Heavy Duty SteelA heavy duty folding outfeed table that is precision engineered for the SawStop Pro tablesaw.Where was that feature on my old delta contractor saw (circa 1987).I will stick my neck out and say, very few cabinet saws today provide an outfeed table as an optional accessory and everyone must find a solution to this very basic necessity. However, this add-on is far more sturdy than most shop made outfeed tables. It simply works great. I will enjoy it forever.The table assembly includes good instructions and the quality of included hardware exceeds the expectations. One minor dislike was that “I had to put it together”, and that takes patience and attention to small details. The result was worth the time spent and it will probably outlast my gray hair.The only issue for some shops is the required floor space. My shop has the needed space for a permanent setup, however, I recommend the industrial base because it is capable of moving the entire cabinet incuding the outfeed, a 36 inch cutting capacity.I did not purchase the router table or sliding miter table, but I plan to add them later.

  3. Michael Hennessy

    Does the jobI had a shop-made wooden outfeed table that worked OK, but I wanted a larger surface. I either had to make a bigger table or buy this. I’m glad I bought this. My old table was easy to remove from the saw, but it didn’t fold down out of the way when not needed. So I had to stash it against a wall in my already too crowded shop. This table simply folds down completely out of the way when I need the space. You do have to disconnect the dust collector hose to fold it down, but I have a quick disconnect fitting so that only takes a second and it can be reconnected once the table is folded down if you wanna use the saw without the table up. It’s a bit of a hassle to assemble, but not horrible and totally worth the time it takes. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.NOTE: After use I noticed that they used cheap paint on this thing. It rubs off and can mark your workpiece. Not a huge deal but, still. . . .

  4. J. Rudolph

    Difficult to assemble but well worth it.I didn’t realize how helpful an outfeed table was until I assembled and used this one. I debated getting this or building one. Building one would cost at least $100 in material and take many hours to build with little room for error. So I decided to buy this one and stop using my inefficient roller stand. It is a challenging setup as the table is built for ease of shipping and to work with multiple saws and configurations. I made one mistake, but it was easy to correct, it took every bit of 4 hours to assemble, but well worth it. I read that’s is not great if you move your saw around, but I don’t and didn’t test mobility. I am very happy with how it fits and I feel much safer knowing my cuts won’t fall on the floor.

  5. Cody

    Not worth $400Good instructions, good packaging, good finish…but it just doesn’t seem like this should’ve cost $400+ This seems like $150 product max. If it wasn’t so much trouble to disassemble it and get it back into that box, I’d return it.I’ve bought hundreds of things from Amazon and this is one of the few that I’ve rated under 4 stars.

  6. Buzzyhog

    Works well but has a million parts.The outfeed table works well, is well made and is a great addition to my small shop. It has some rollers on it to aid in movement of larger pieces and a piece that keeps smaller ones from falling to the floor. It hangs off the back of the saw and when you fold it down it can interfere with the dust collection chute coming out of the saw so be ready for that. My saw is on a moveable base and the outfeed table doesn’t interfere with movement of the saw.If you purchase this though be ready to deal with a million parts. It’s not difficult to assemble, just a bit tedious with all the parts.

  7. Matt

    Good outfeed tableMine assembled level and nicely but I have read some reviews of issues with the table sitting too high. I do not enjoy folding it down and having to mess with unhooking dust collection before doing so. Saw stop should include an elbow for the over arm dust collector so it doesn’t need to be unhooked. Assembly did take a while, but overall I’m happy.

  8. Dawn W

    Nice addition to an awesome sawAssembly is a chore as described by others. Once together it is wonderful. Works with my sled in the up position and when down, I did have to shave a bit off the plastic end caps on the metal tubes to avoid sled contact. 4 stars due to assembly being so complicated.

  9. Brandon So

    Adjusted itThe table does not fold down if you have the industrial mobile base on your saw. It also gets in the way of your rip fence and you have to lift the fence up slightly. I might have to adjust it.Update: I loved the table father away from the table saw and now it works perfectly! Make sure you don’t put it right up again the table saw. You have to adjust the clips that attach the outfeed table to the table saw

  10. Mike P

    Once attached, your saw will not function for many cuts if the outfeed table is loweredSo, I love my Sawstop PCS, it cuts beautifully and is a pleasure to use. This outfeed table however is another matter. I feel that Sawstop cannot have done much in the way of testing. Here is the issue: I think most people will have a dust hose connected to the dust port on the back of the saw. Even if that hose makes the sharpest possible turn, it interferes with the outfeed table when it is lowered and prevents the table from hanging fully down, The result is that the ends of the table bars now stick up above the level of the table meaning that you cannot push anything beyond the back of the tablesaw.This is clearly a defect which should have been discovered during testing and the outfeed table bars should have been made shorter (maybe by 1/4 inch).In other respects, the outfeed table is heavy duty and solid.

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