Schluter Systems KK122PVCE Kerdi 48-Inch x 48-Inch PVC Shower Kit with Stainless Steel Drain

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  • Mold free Showers
  • Includes a PVC drain with integrated bonding flange (2 in. outlet) and grate with a stainless steel finish
  • Fits a 48 in. x 48-Inch shower area
  • Designed to create a fully waterproof and vapor tight enclosure for tiled showers and steam showers

SKU: B018A487YI


The KERDI-SHOWER KIT is an all-inclusive package containing each of the integrated family components required to create a watertight shower assembly without a mortar bed Contains a shower tray with center placement, shower curb, waterproofing membranes, strips, corners, pipe seal, and mixing valve seal Also includes an PVC drain with integrated bonding flange (2-in outlet). Designed to create a fully waterproof and vapor tight enclosure in tiled showers and steam showers. Choose any Schluter Systems Kerdi Shower Kit – Depending On Your Shower Size and Design , With Center Drain Outlet.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 9 × 27 cm
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Item Weight

5 Pounds

Product Dimensions

50 x 9 x 27 inches

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48 inches by 48 inches


Stainless Steel




27 Inches

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Date First Available

August 10 2009



10 reviews for Schluter Systems KK122PVCE Kerdi 48-Inch x 48-Inch PVC Shower Kit with Stainless Steel Drain

  1. KatyC

    It’s just alright and it is over priced like everything from SchluterI bought this instead of doing a full preslope dry mud bed, thinking it would save me some trouble. I wanted membrane like this because its a closed in shower that stays wet and the previous tile job rotted out half the bathroom floor. Actually I used multiple layers of waterproofing besides this membrane system. But you know it wasn’t the correct size for the shower, my shower did not have a centered drain, which I’m sure it will not always, so I still had to do a mud bed to make up the size. Then I had to waterproof the mud bed to the shower pan and everything else. I’m not so sure it saved any time. I do like the drain set up as it allows the waterproofing to be above the drain instead of water sitting in your mud bed and draining through the bed. I think I may have come out cheaper and faster to do just a full mud bed (they make some plastic jigs for this now), then cover with kerdi, and use their drain system purchasing the items individually.The curb is their wall board formed around some dense foam, it is not solid the whole way through. I did not use the curb, nor would I trust the curb being made out of foam. The floor pan is a foam with the kerdi installed into it already. As some have said, the foam is a bit soft… My shower pan has some dents where I was kneeling on it to do the mud bed, etc. This was even trying to utilize a cushion to protect most of it. I don’t think that will have any bearing on the performance, but you know for the price, it’s kind of on the cheap side… If you have ever put the kerdi up a wall, you will not do it very often, it is very tedious and difficult to master. I just used the roll of kerdi to waterproof over the mud bed add on, up over my curb that I built out of backer board, and also some wall niches. On the positive I did get almost the entire kerdi membrane well affixed into my thinset, which in the past with their Ditra was a bit of a struggle. The key besides unmodified thinset, is to have it runnier than you set tile with. I also like to push the kerdi into the thinset underneath it by hand, then using a putty knife, then I go ahead and cover the kerdi with thinset on top and particularly the edges. If you don’t cover the kerdi, parcicularly the edges, and feather it out, sometimes it will curl up on you. I also overlap the joints around 4 inches sheet to sheet and then waterproof over all the fabric/kerdi/band/thinset on kerdi with a liquid membrane. Thinset is not waterproof! You can also order something like Ardex 8+9 which would be a thinset and waterproof all in one, but it’s an epoxy and not sold locally where I live, so it’s too much trouble.All in all, if you can’t make a mud bed and if this kit was large enough for your entire shower dimension and the drain lined up, it would be pretty simple. If like my job, nothing fit directly, I kind of would go with individual components of this system that you want to use and get the sticks to help make sure your preslope mudbed is correct. It is a decent value when you factor in the individual prices of the items, but they are all over priced (plastic and styrofam is what you are buying here, albeit with some engineering added in).

  2. Thomas Smith

    Shower systemGreat shower system and easy to install.

  3. Zapp Brannigan

    Grate came laterGrate came about a week later in a separate box. So all in all this is a good deal. 4 stars for complete order fulfillment, but can’t give 5 stars because it came in different shipments which is not indicated in the description.

  4. life.styledingrey

    I’m not sure about this one yetI gave this 4 stars because of the shower pan, it was a million % worth it to buy a shower pan like this rather than trying to create our own. the shower pan and drain system were pretty easy to install. The rest of the systems is TBD. It was a little difficult to install and I’m not sure we even did it right but the only real way to know is by finding out that it failed. We feel pretty comfortable that our shower won’t leak but I’m not sure the extra work and expense made it that much better than using cement board and red guard. Its there now and like I said we feel pretty confident but I don’t think we’ll go this route again in future bathroom renovations.A few recommendations-use high quality thinset mortar, not the cheap home depot stuff and yes it does matter if it’s unmodified. -mix your mortar in very small batches, we hardly got one sheet up before the mortar was getting too dry to adhere properly -Have help, this is not a one person job. -Have all the sheets precut it will save so much time during the actual installation. and Lastly – by extra of the overlap stuff. We would have preferred to do the seams with it but there wasn’t enough to do all the seams and the edges.Take your time and do your research before even opening the box. they have a lot of videos and tutorials to help you through.

  5. andrew

    If I did it again I would just buy the panJust installed a few days ago. Flood tested it and there where no leaks. Had to buy an extra curb since my shower is in a corner also bought a niche separately too. If I had to do it again I would just buy the pan, drain and niche then buy the Kerri panels at my local HD or Lowe’s instead of using the membrane on the walls over drywall. Putting the membrane on the walls is a pain and you cut down and stack the panels to build a curb which is probably cheaper and you can customize the size and height that way

  6. Mark Hrdlichka

    Great system, faster then do a poured pan.Time consuming to make sure its all water proofed and done right. Way faster than doing a poured pan though. Fairly easy to do, just make sure ahead of time you find the right thin set if you do not buy the Kerdi thin set.

  7. Russell Blake McLaurin

    Everything needed in one boxEverything needed in one box for my shower remodel

  8. Robert K.

    it was delivered in 2 daysAll the parts i needed were included. Used on a job for one of my customers.

  9. Marlin

    Get the shower base and drain but do not use the membraneUPDATE: Wedi is the killer. Saves the hassle of Schluter Kerdi and redgard. It is lighter and flatter than cement board, easy to cut. Also the waterproof membrane has already attached. No need to do a Kerdi membrane and redgard. Very clean and easy solution.The quality of the product is good. I like the adjustable drain which is guaranteed to level with floor tile. The sloped base and curb are also easy to work with. However I don’t think the membrane is a good design. When I first bought the membrane I thought this is a “pre-made” thing and it saves me hassel and mess with Redgard painting. However I ignored that you still have to deal with thinset for the same area, right? I am not a very experience thinset user but I don’t think for anybody, thinset is an easier job than painting. To adhere the Kerdi membrane to the wall you have to make really loose thinset, which makes the whole job a lot of mess. If you make thicker thinset, the membrane simply does not adhere. Moreover, since the membrane is not transparent, there is no way to make sure there is no “hollow” area. It is impossible to check all thinset coverage (you can make good coverage on the wall but the thinset is not guaranteed to stick with the membrane) and this poses a significant potential for loose tile wall. I discarded the membrane and wasted some money and switched to Redgard. It took me half an hour to paint the shower wall flawlessly. Then a second coat. Quick, easy, cheap, quality-assured. Why not Redgard?

  10. Daniel

    Water tight a year laterIt’s okay. If I could go back I think I would just buy the water proof paper. The pre angled foam got to be a hassle trying to work on it and not tear it up. My grout started to come up afterward because I think the weight of a person in the shower was compressing the foam. Next time I’ll just mortar the slope myself. Other than that it worked fine once I sealed the grout with epoxy.

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