Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails, 57-Inch

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  • Standard 57-inch rails provide 30-inch maximum rip to the right of the blade
  • Fits most table saws easily
  • Steel and aluminum fence body for durability, strength, and reduced weight
  • Easy single locking cam action lever
  • Wide right angle design for maximum accuracy and support



Shop Fox W1716 Heavy Duty Adjustable Aluma-Classic Fence w/ Standard Rails

From the manufacturer

Built to Last

The Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence has been specially designed to provide many years of trouble free service. Close attention to detail, ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program (ISO 9001 Certified) ensure safe and reliable operation.

Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence

With Standard Rails, 57-inch

Beefy extruded aluminum and steel construction and right angle design make this Aluma-Classic Fence durable and precise. Widely spaced adjustment points allow very precise set-up while the cam-lever front locking mechanism and torsion box design allow this fence to fit on just about any table saw without the need for a rear locking mechanism. Includes standard rails, a self-adhesive measuring tape and adjustable magnified cursor for quick positioning. Choose the Aluma-Classic Fence with long rails (W1720) for wide panel cutting up to 50-inches.

  • Fits most table saws easily

Magnified Cursor

The included self-adhesive measuring tape and adjustable magnified cursor offer the ability to quickly position the fence with a high degree of precision. The self-stick measuring tape mounts directly to the fence and features high visibility yellow with black numerals and graduations in both SAE and metric scales.


  • Standard 57-inch rails provide 30-inch maximum rip to the right of the blade
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Approximate Shipping Weight 56 lbs.

Heavy Duty Locking Lever

The Aluma-Classic Fence features a heavy duty locking lever to ensure no movement when the fence is set to your desired position. The cam lever action locks the fence in position and torsion box design means no deflection while guiding wood.


  • Wide right angle design for maximum accuracy and support
  • Easy single locking cam action lever
  • Adjustable fence wear pads
  • Magnified cursor lens
  • Steel and aluminum fence body for durability, strength, and reduced weight

Additional information

Weight 53.3 kg
Dimensions 17.25 × 61 × 7 cm
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Item Weight

53.3 pounds

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17.25 x 61 x 7 inches

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July 16 2014


Woodstock International INC

6 reviews for Shop Fox W1716 Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails, 57-Inch

  1. Andrew

    Solid and works well.Instructions that came with it could be better but if you are handy you will figure out how to install it. Nice and solid only thing I don’t like is the slop in the guide system, makes the fence bump over more than acceptable changes blade to fence measurement a 1/4 or so sometimes. This can be worked around by lightly clapimg the fence and bumping it where you want it then fully locking it down.

  2. RogerDog

    Be Aware of Your Saw Table DepthI bought this fence because the original fence that came with my Jet table saw had plastic rails. Within a year, they had visibly warped. I wanted a fence with metal rails that would stay true, so I tried this one. Several reviewers have already mentioned that the installation instructions are STILL wrong. You need to take every reference that says “front rail” in the installation instructions and change it to “back rail” and vice versa. I guess the ShopFox people feed their table saw from the opposite end or something?Anyway, the bigger problem I had was that nothing anywhere said anything about table depth. Just that it “fits most table saws.” Well, it didn’t fit mine. It’s already been said that you may have to drill new holes to get the rails on your saw table — I did, and that worked fine. But there is one, threaded hole on the underside of the fence itself for the “foot” that slides along the front (yes, ShopFox, the FRONT) rail, by which you can adjust the height of the fence above the table. As you can see from the pic I posted, it didn’t fit my Jet saw table AT ALL, and there is NO WAY to adjust it front-to-back. I had to actually tap a new threaded hole in the underside of the fence to get the “foot” to fit in the right place. So be aware that depending on the depth of your saw table (again, no information on this from the manufacturer so you can tell ahead of time), you too may have to tap a threaded hole in the fence.All that said, the fence itself is sturdy and I like the aluminum rails. I don’t believe they will warp like Jet’s plastic ones did. However, sliding the fence from side to side is nowhere near as smooth as the Jet fence — the “foot” sliding along the front rail just doesn’t glide that well. So overall, I gave it 3 stars. Good and sturdy, and I like the aluminum rails, but a bit of a pain to install, and operation is just OK.

  3. Epeters

    Great Replacement on a 1970 10″ Rockwell-Delta UnisawThe box arrived pretty beaten up. I believe this fence is shipped with two bags of hardware, one for mounting the rails, and one for the fence itself. There was only one bag of hardware in the box, so i was missing the knob for the fence and the back foot and the plastic clear indicator for the rule and its mounting screws. One call to Shop Fox and the missing parts were on their way, so I have to say customer service is good.Thanks to previous reviewers I was able to install the front rail on the front and the rear rail on the rear. As other reviewers pointed out the instructions have the rails swapped. The installation on my 1970 saw was not as difficult as I thought it might be. I could not use the threaded holes for the original rail mounts because they were too low, but it was easy enough to drill new holes in the cast iron edge flange and use the included nuts and bolts to mount the new rails. The only other problem I had was with the little screws sent to mount the clear indicator. They had the wrong thread. They were 10-32 rather than 10-24. I broke one off thinking the the resistance was due to the coating on the steal rail. Not the case. I bought some real 10-24 screws and they went in just fine.The fence itself is fantastic! It’s solid, easy to use and trues up to a perfect 90 degrees every time with a push on the lever. The clear indicator is easy to adjust for different blades and works perfectly. No more fumbling around with the tape measure needed. A great replacement for the original fence.

  4. John

    Great product and support.This is a great fence. It is an aftermarket fence, intended to be installed on (mostly) any table saw. It is not a bolt-on product designed for a specific saw. As a result, there isn’t really a 1-2-3 step installation process that would be valid for all saws. I assume this is the cause of several reviews complaining of poor instructions. I found the instructions to include all of the info I needed that wasn’t specific to my saw. The process of fitting it to my saw (or any saw) takes a bit of ingenuity. In my case, I installed this on a Metabo job site saw (which is as close to a cabinet saw as my facility will permit.) The job site saw was definitely not designed with an aftermarket fence in mind, but with a little effort, I did get it installed. Before calibration, this fence was already more accurate than I could achieve with the fence that came on the saw. After calibration, it falls away by less than 1/64th, which is perfect.The shipping carrier wasn’t kind to my box and, as a result, I was missing a few minor pieces. I emailed customer service, received a call within a few hours, and had replacement parts within a few days.

  5. Jerod Girton

    Broken partsFence overall seems sturdy (have not actually used it yet) had some trouble with the holes on my Grizzly table saw – there were M10 threads and the rail required some modifications to the bolts to get them to be flush.All this was expected – however when I finally got the fence dialed in and went to add the scale and the scale indicator – its busted.The other reviews regarding the packaging are accurate – while the fence will work just fine, I would really like to have the scale set up too. Hoping I can get a replacement scale indicator.

  6. Shane

    Don’t waste your time.It might be a great fence if they ever s nd the right parts I’ll find out. One of the pieces of the the front fence was 48” instead is 57” and the rear fence 57” instead of 48”. I returned it and after a wait of several weeks they sent the same thing again. I am extremely disappointed. The instructions clearly state that both front prices are supposed to be 57” and the back 48”. I don’t know how a big company could make such a rediculous error twice. Very disappointed.

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