Tankless Water Heater, GREATBEAR 2.64GPM Propane Gas Water Heater Indoors, Propane Water Heater Instant, Multiple Protections,

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Capacity 10 Liters
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13 x 7.4 x 21.6 inches
Color Black

  • 【Propane Tankless Water Heater】The propane water heater outputs 2.64 gallons of instant hot water per minute to meet your various demands, it starts up when water pressure between 3.6-110 PSI, low water pressure is perfect for apartment, farm, cabin, RV, barn, boat or anywhere you need endless fresh hot water. Now, bring the home hot water comfort indoors with GREATBEAR tankless propane water heater. (Important tips: vent pipe must be installed for indoor installation)
  • 【On Demand Water Heater Propane】Maxium power output 68000btu/hour, you could expect decent hot water flow with the gas water heater. The best part is you can get instant and endless fresh hot water out of it at anytime you want, no preheating, GREATBEAR MT10 propane water heater provides 2.64GPM of endless hot water to ensures you get easy and perfect ending after whole day activity.
  • 【Unique Propane Gas Water Heater】GREATBEAR aims at continuous innovation and improvement, so the all-in-one designed setting knob is introduced with the propane gas water heater. We believe that being simple and advanced is the best way of achieving being user-friendly. Gas& water, turn either knob anti-clockwise, you get higher temp out of it, turn clockwise, you get cooler temp.
  • 【Safe Gas Water Heater】The safety of yours and your dear families is the first priority of GREATBEAR Appliances, so every piece of the MT10 water heater goes through multiples strict tests during manufacturing. Also, protection devices necessary for gas water heater are equipped with the water heater, including Flame Failure Protection,Over Heating Protection,Anti-freezing Protection,Dry Combustion Protection,Low Water Flow Protection and High Water Pressure Protection, you could count on us.
  • 【Propane Water Heater Indoors】MT10 water heater is ideal for indoor installation, with an exhaust pipe to exhaust harmful gases to protect your family. And the propane hot water heater package comes with all you need to set the water heater system. The installation process could be done within 15 min after you go through the instruction manual as recommended. Now, turn on the tap to enjoy instant and fresh hot water with GREATBEAR.


Product Description


GREATBEAR water heater combines compact size and lightweight design, 2.64GPM tankless water heater provides you real-time adjustable hot water without waiting for preheating. With maximum power output 68,000BTU/Hr, it’s easy to get instant endless hot water wherever you are. Focus on innovative combustion technology and advanced multiple protection systems, propane water heater ensures the safety of your families, ideal for indoor use, apartment, farm, cabin, RV, barn, boat or anywhere you need endless fresh hot water.

gas water heater

Main Features:

1.Water controlled automatic ignition: wide range water pressure between 3.6-110 PSI @ 0.62-2.64 GPM, it gets automatic ignition when you turn on the shower head and water gets through and system.

2.Auto cut-off protection: with thermocouple built in, gas supply will cut off immediately in the event of flame out to avoid the risk of leakage.

3.Anti-dry combustion protection: the propane gas water heater will shut off gas supply in the event water stops going though the gas tankless water heater.

4.The operating propane gas pressure is 0.4PSI with maximum power output 68,000btu/hour, the water heater delivers 2.64 GPM of hot water without preheating.

5.The MT series gas water heater with the temperature display, readout of real-time water temperature, help better control the water temperature, improve comfort and experience.

propane water heater

tankless water heater


1.Heat output : 68000 BTU/hr

2.Dimension : 13.0*21.6*7.4 inches

3.Activation flowrate: 0.62 GPM

4.Water pressure: 3.6-110 PSI

5.Hot water flow range: 0.62 to 2.64 GPM

6.Fuel type: Liquid Propane Gas

7.Related gas pressure: 0.4 PSI

8.Ignition by: electric pulse,D cell battery powered

9.Pipe fittings : 1/2″ BSP Female x 5/8″ NPT Inverted Flare Male for gas inlet. 1/2″ BSP Female X 3/4″ GHT Male for water inlet and water outlet


  • 1.Do not over-tighten the gas pipe when connecting it to the unit. Over tighten may cause a gas leak.
  • 2.Please get the dust-proof plate in place to avoid foreign flammables objects getting close to the hot exhaust outlet.
  • 3.Please ensure that it gets proper water pressure of 3.6-110 PSI for the tankless water heater.
  • 4.Please use liquid propane only and use it in the well-ventilated place.
  • 5.After the gas inlet is connected, please check the gas leaks at all connections by spraying with soapy water and watch for bubbles. Please do not use flame for leak detection.
  • 6.If the outside temperature is around or below 32℉/0℃, please ensure that you drain the unit to avoid internal damage to the heat exchanger.

Premium Details of Propane Gas Water Heater MT10

propane gas water heater

tankless propane water heater

tankless propane gas water heater

Vent Pipe Perfect for Indoor Use

Exhaust vent is ideal for indoor installation and quickly exhausts harmful gases to protect you and your family. Perfect for apartment, farm, cabin, RV, barn, boat or anywhere you need hot water.

Unique Control Knob & Display

Easy setting of water and gas with the unique control knob. Digital display provides a clear view of the water temperature, to protect you from the risk of burns.

Easy Connection for Water & Gas

The MT10 gas water heater comes with garden hose adapter for water inlet and outlet, so does the gas inlet connection,so you could expect installation done within 15 mins, check for gas leaking and ready to go.

Multiple Applications for GREATBEAR Gas Water Heater

tankless propane gas water heater

propane tankess water heater

propane water heater instant

Multifunctional Shower Head

GREATBEAR shower head is designed with 3 modes, a range of settings from rainfall to jet stream to suit your showering needs. “stop” button to easily switch the water on/off, making your shower more relaxing.

Enjoy a Comfortable Shower

No preheating necessary, turn on the shower head to get decent hot water shower in seconds. GREATBEAR propane water heater provides 2.64GPM of endless hot water to ensures you have a constant comfortable shower.

Helpful During Hurricane Event

A portable propane water heater will be the best help during Hurricane Event when electricity system cut off. A convenient hot shower is not what you want to miss during those tough days.

instant propane water heater

Important information

Bulb Voltage

3 volts

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7.4 × 21.6 cm



10 Liters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Item Dimensions LxWxH

13 x 7.4 x 21.6 inches




3 Volts




Indoor Installation

Maximum Operating Pressure

110 Pound per Square Inch

Item Weight

22 pounds

Product Dimensions

13 x 7.4 x 21.6 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



2 D batteries required.



Type of Bulb


Included Components

Wrenchs Gas Regulator Shower Head etc.

Batteries Included


Batteries Required




Date First Available

March 15 2022



8 reviews for Tankless Water Heater, GREATBEAR 2.64GPM Propane Gas Water Heater Indoors, Propane Water Heater Instant, Multiple Protections,

  1. Rick

    Quick response to my issues.Perfect for my concessions trailer. Quick response to my email questions. Listened to my suggestions for improving the instructions booklet. Just installed it, but so far so good. A Satisfied Customer, Rick The Pie Hole.

  2. Olivia

    Does not work and falling apart directly out of the boxI thought that I was buying a good product. I was replacing my $100 water heater that was the same style build and a cheapo that lasted me 2 years. This water heater, upon taking out of the box, looked like a better product.(other than the fact that the two knobs for water and gas control fell off as soon as I pulled it out.) I fixed the knobs best I could and installed it any way. As soon as it was hooked up and turned on, the light came on the screen for a second and a half and then went off. I have been fiddling with this thing for several hours now, and have yet to get the screen to turn back on, or for hot water to come out. Everything on my end is in order, yet the heater DOES NOT WORK. I want a refund.

  3. Lis and Lou

    Good for emergency. Instructions on batterys need to be labeled and shown location.While installing it seems pretty self explanatory. So i got this because it says for indoor use and i wanted it for when my hot water heater fails and we need to shower. So when i open the box. The heater dials fell right off easily. Push back on but its sooooo loose. So im a little concerned about that. But it does go back on. Should be more secure. The heater had dents in the tank. So i know its been dropped. Now i got it permanently installed. Then i went back and read the directions. This is where im confused. It says do not permanently install. But in the advertisement says for indoor and shows a fancy bathroom. SO SHOWS one thing and says another. When i opened up the heater garden hose part. Water poured out. Im guessing for testing. But for a customer view of that happening. Im thinking this heater was used. Then the instructions talk about battery power but does not show in diagram or labeled battery location. So i see why not to permanently install this because not i have to unscrew it off the wall. WTF! so yeah update your instructions because this is very aggravating. Of and whats even better is no button to turn the unit on. So add battery and start it up and automatically it kicks on? So expect to open this thing up and take a look inside. Overall it comes with everything you need. All connections and different size water connection. O rings, and plumbing tape. The propane connection looks and feels heavy duty. So now i just gotta get a propane tank and simulate a emergency shutdown. And see what happens. I would buy this again but with the intention of not A permanent install. I would buy this again.

  4. CBJB

    nice little showerI am installing this in a small camp trailer and it is a nice and efficient way to get portable hot water. You will need a pump of your own, AC pump if using at home or DC pump if using portable (like in a truck or camp trailer).The build quality seems to be really good. I cannot speak to longevity as I have only had it a few weeks but so far in my testing I have not had any issues. At 2.64 GPM, this seems to be priced better than other options with similar flow-rate. I would give this unit a try if you are needing a small propane shower for home or portable use.

  5. The other mother

    Quality construction, great operationWe use this while out in our small camper. Works amazingly well. I keep a couple different transfer pumps depending on what I’m hooking up to. Great, sturdy built heater.

  6. Don Mattingly

    If you own a rough camp then buy thisNo more yucky feeling on day-4 without a shower at camp. This is such a simple setup. Buy a 33 or 55 gallon poly drum thats cleaned out. Fill it with potable water. Get a 12v demand pump (they are only like $50-70). Now you can have awesome hot showers every or every-other night. Makes camping fun again; especially for city-slickers.

  7. ReviewI

    So greatThis is exactly what we needed. The instructions were great to follow and tech support is provided if needed. The temperature control works great and it was easy to use. A great product for off grid hot tub. heats up really nice.

  8. Mommyof9

    A must for a outdoor shower!The media could not be loaded.

     I love outdoor showers! Especially if you camp all summer long. This will heat up fast. A great product to have. Easy to install and they give you a manual, with everything you need to know about setting up. Read all directions first! Very durable and sturdy! We love it! This is a great product and it’s a win!

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