TMG Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch, 20V High Torque Impact Wrench Kit, Brushless Impact Gun Max Torque 740 Ft-lbs 1750 RPM,

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Color Black &Yellow
Brand Meagle
Material Aluminum
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.54 x 3.23 x 10.75 inches
Head Style Fixed Square

  • Brushless Impact Wrench: Our TMG motor is more efficient and durable than traditional brushed motor. 1/2 inch square driver is motivated in tough work. Cast aluminum gear head designed to be strong, lightweight and durable.
  • Variable Speed: Equipped with variable speed trigger, our impact gun offers 3 speeds up to 1750RPM. This impact wrench delivers Max tightening torque 740 ft-lbs, max removing torque 1000 ft-lbs which helps you remove the lug nuts within seconds.
  • Compact &Functional: Soft rubber handle touches non-skid and comfortable. Ergonomic grip reduces muscle soreness after long time of work. Automatic brake-stop feature on loosing fastener, which prevents nut/bolt from falling. This function can be turned on/off with the button “B” on the board.
  • 4.0Ah Battery: Lithium-Ion battery with Fuel gauge to tell how much power left. There is fast charger Packed with 4000mAh battery, our electric impact wrench is powerful enough, you can use it for a longer time when working outdoors
  • What you get: The impact wrench kit comes with 20V impact wrench, 1 lithium Ion battery (4.0Ah) with USB output, 1 Fast Charger (60-Min), TMG Handy Tool Bag


Product Description

20V tools

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact Wrench

Brand Story

TMG is a manufacturer with R&D as core competence, with more than 20 years experiences in designing and producing Li-ion Technology Power Tools.

TMG surpass the industry standard through super quality construction and continuous technical innovation.

TMG is quite popular worldwide, supported by millions of tool professionals, passionate fans and all levels of DIYers

Provides One-Stop solutions for drilling, fastening, cutting, grinding, trimming and clean-ups to revolutionize the way you work.

TMG 20V Max Cordless Impact Wrench


Brushless motor delivers more power, and longer motor life.

Compact design allows access into tighter areas and reduces user fatigue.

3 Mode Control & Variable Speed Trigger for optimal speed and torque control.

Automatic Brake-Stop function on loosing fastener, prevents nut/bolt from falling.

Wide Application for automotive repairs, major construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance, and product assembly.

  • Max Torque: 1000 Ft-lbs
  • Driving Chuck: 1/2″ Square
  • Fastening Torque: 1000N.m
  • Nut Busting Torque: 1200N.m
  • No Load RPM: 0~550/0~1400/0~1800 rpm
  • Impacts per Minute: 0~1000/0~1800/0~2100 rpm
  • Battery Capacity: 4.0Ah
  • Product Weight: 7.5 lbs

Additional information

Weight 10.03 kg
Dimensions 8.54 × 3.23 × 10.75 cm




Item Dimensions LxWxH

8.54 x 3.23 x 10.75 inches

Head Style

Fixed Square

Finish Type


Item Torque

740 Foot Pounds

Operation Mode


Item Weight

10.03 pounds

Product Dimensions

8.54 x 3.23 x 10.75 inches


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included


Black & Yellow


Brushless 740 Ft-lbs



Power Source

Battery Powered

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

Lithium Ion



Date First Available

August 12 2021


Meagle, TMG

10 reviews for TMG Cordless Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch, 20V High Torque Impact Wrench Kit, Brushless Impact Gun Max Torque 740 Ft-lbs 1750 RPM,

  1. Kristy

    This thing IA awesome I’d say it’s under rated on power it’s strong

  2. TechWeevil

    Nice Compact Impact Wrench with Cool Extra FeaturesThis is an awesome value compact impact wrench with all the bells and whistles. The tool has three speed setting/torque settings for forward, these work as max settings but you can still vary it with the trigger. It has a selectable brake on the reverse so it will stop pounding the bolt once it has broken free. Also it comes with two 4 amp hour batteries, both of which have 1.5a/5v (7.5 watt) usb charging built in, a fast charger and a nice hardshell case. All for less than the price of a bare tool from competing brands.I love the size and weight of this tool, it is several inches smaller than competing tools so I was able to fit it under my mower for example which a previous tool didn’t fit even when jacked all the way up. I also like the low speed settings. I got a DeWalt 1/2 to 1/4 impact adaptor so I can use my impact driver’s bits and smaller sockets, it’s nice to have a little more power than my driver and not have any extra size on the tool.I researched tons of these tools and it can be confusing because the torque rating is sometimes in N-M and other times in ft-lb, and some manufacturers even get the unit of measurement wrong. This one is just about as strong as any of the sub $200 battery powered wrenches from name brands. There are more powerful ones out there but really only the newest crop of higher end tools. I didn’t test it on a variety of vehicles though so I can’t say how well it works on the most difficult tasks.The USB ports right on the battery are brilliant! I have usb adaptors for other systems but they add bulk. These are very powerful batteries for powering my action cam, digital recorder, speakers, fans and other non fast charge devices.The only downside is that right now there aren’t any other Meagle tools in this lineup. I’d love to use these big batteries with some other tools.

  3. Christopher Colon

    You get more than what you paid for.I ordered this impact for work. I expected it to be just ok. I was definitely wrong. This is a quality impact that rivals the big box chain companies. I am impressed. It is compact, lightweight and has features other impacts, don’t have. It has 3 speeds that are controlled by an S button on the impact. It is fairly accurate( + or – 10 to 15 foot lbs.) on the torques suggested for each speed, as I need to verify torque quite frequently. It also has a auto brake feature in reverse. If you push the B button on the impact when removing a lugnut or nut, once the tool senses there is no more torque on the fastener, it automatically stops. I don’t care for this feature, because it feels like the battery just quit, so you have to keep triggering on and off, which could cause premature failure of the switch. Still, a good concept that is defeatable by not using the B button. It also has a USB charge port (13V 1.5 amp) that comes out of the batteries so you can charge things. I use it to charge my flashlights. The best thing about my purchase is, that it came with 2 – 4.0 MAH batteries!!! I was shocked to open the case and see 2 batteries! The description says 1 battery, but I received 2. The batteries do have a level meter, red, yellow and green. It also comes with a toolbelt hanger. I use it to hang on my tool cart. So bottom line is, not sure about the longevity of this product, but it is definitely built to last from a feel perspective. I have used it everyday at least 3 to 4 times(approx 25 minutes run time total) and I have not charged the 1st battery yet. That includes recharging of my 2 flashlights. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase. I hope they have other power tools in the future that run off the same battery system. Good job Meagle tools!!

  4. Christa

    Had the tool 2 years!!!Had it 2 years very powerful almost no bolts it has problems with. Only bolt couldn’t get was springs to the back of my van.After two years I notice a weird sound impact wrench wasn’t as strong as it use to be. I messaged them and the company sent out a new one free of charge!! They told me to store it inside. A company that honors their product agreements, they cld said it’s 2 years bye! But they didn’t!Thank you again.

  5. Fan

    Battery Life not as expected.Pros: Tool works nice. When first purchased.Cons:* Battery or charger issue. The power indication of the battery is not consistent between the tool and the charger: The charger indicates FULL charge (All lights ON, on the battery). When battery is assembled to the tool the indicated power is indicated at ONE bar (One light ON). This leads me to believe that the battery is not fully charging all the cells. Volt meter measurement indicates full charge on battery and full charging output on charger unit. (Faulty battery cells ????)* USB port not working, NO power output.

  6. David J. Trevino

    First impression – Hey that’s not what I orderedUpdate- I’m not wrong about tools often, but in this case I was. So i tested it on some Lugnuts and under load it does clearly act as an impact driver. And while the instructions don’t make it clear, you can set the speed and brake function from the little panel at the base of the handle. So that’s all as advertised. The instructions als agree with the stated torque specs, but I have yet to try it on anything really frozen. The lugnut I tried it on was treated with antisieze so it wasn’t much of a test.Original-So looking at the description it states torque ratings for each of the three speeds and reverse. But the packaging lists max torque at 350 n-m (which is only 258 ft-lbs no where near the stated 365 ft-lbs). May return on that point alone. Secondly there are no speed settings per se, It has three stepped speeds depending on how far you pull the trigger.Lastly, based on the diagram of the motor, and the way it responds I am almost certain this is not actually an impact wrench, but a high torque drill motor with a 1/2″ drive. The difference is an impact wrench motor does not actually turn the drive it drives a hammer into a drive input that turns it. This is very important as it changes the characteristics of how the torque, and impact are applied helping to loosen really stuck bolts.I have yet to test it out, and maybe it will surprise me, but regardless it is misleading.

  7. MF

    UPDATE: OutstandingI’ll start with the positives, it feels/looks very good and appears to have enough power. I don’t plan on using this on a daily basis. I tested it on 1 lug nut and it loosened and tightened it easily.The bad part on my set is either the Battery or Charger do not work? The Battery will only hold power for 5-10 minutes. The box says 2 hour charge while the instruction says 1 hour charge. Either way I tried 1 hour and 2 hours a few times so far with no luck. The last bad part is the belt clip provided does not latch on that well to the tool. I don’t mind this as much as the battery/charger issue.Only gave 2 stars as I’d likely need this for longer that 5-10 minutes sessions. The pricing is very affordable and the instructions on how to use are easy to follow (except charging times).UPDATE: I was immediately contacted by the seller and was sent a replacement. I received the replacement a couple days ago. I had a flat tire yesterday so i put it to the test. The battery was fully charged. It removed the lug nuts easily. I even used the impact wrench to lift/lower the car with a scissor lift jack. The battery had full charge afterwards. I hated having a flat tire, but the impact wrench made it somewhat fun. I am updating the review to 5 stars.

  8. JT

    Highly impressed so far. Seems like a good value for the moneyI got it at $30 off during a promotion which sweetened the deal. I expected it to appear and feel cheap since the price actually is cheap to compared to other brands.But it’s not. The wrench comes nicely packaged with a decent plastic case. It has more weight than I expected and feels solid. It looks and feels like a quality tool. The battery indicators are also nice to tell when it’s fully charged.I mainly got this to remove the 5 point 13/16 bolt on my town water cover so I can shut it off. I absolutely could not get that off any other way. I banged on it with a standard ratchet until the entire enclosure started to turn. This tool did what I bought it to do in seconds. For me it’s worth it just for that since I’m sure once the town does maintenance they’ll re-tighten it with their impact wrench and a normal ratchet won’t work for removal.Would buy again.

  9. Ima Lotliku

    Mea.. lower your expectations for its low priceUnpacking:I had high hopes for this impact wrench but the moment I unwrapped it I was not impressed. The case had abrasions on the outside as if it had been slid around on a concrete surface. The anvil does not have a detent pin just a hole for one. In all fairness, the picture shows it without the pin. And if I am to be picky (and I am), there is a small hair line scratch on the metal face of it as well as a black permanent marker spot on the corner of the battery.Operation:Cosmetic blems aside, it came fully charged and managed with a bit of effort to loosen the lug nuts off my 1999 F250 super duty. That said, they were torqued on at only 150 ft/lbs so I had expected this wrench to loosen them with more ease than it did. As for tightening the lugs, I used the lowest setting of 167 ft/lbs of working torque but it didn’t reach that. I didn’t bother trying out the higher settings.Conclusion:Although I’m disappointed by it’s finish and unimpressed by it’s performance, I bought it on price with lower expectations than they advertise. If you’re looking for an impact wrench that delivers on what it promises, be ready to pay at least twice if not three times as much. Good luck.UPDATEI used setting #2 on a lug nut which tightened it to around 142 ft/lbs.

  10. Dannyjimenez

    Works as it should, very strongTher items works flawlessly, very strong and powerful impact wrench, customer service is always there when you need them, very recommended 👍

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