Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with Battery Temperature Sensor

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Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 8.23 × 8.19 × 2.87 cm
Package Dimensions

8.23 x 8.19 x 2.87 inches

Item Weight

2.4 pounds



Date First Available

June 28 2018



10 reviews for Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with Battery Temperature Sensor

  1. Carbon12

    Does the job very well but the meter is way too difficult to read.The meter is too dim to be useful so purchasing the shunt with the meter is probably a waste of money. The shunt, however, works great with the Buetooth ap on my phone so the meter is just represent an extra hole to fill in.

  2. Kim J. Cerioni

    Open Box Sold as NewPaid for new, received an open Box. Crunched for time, do not need the hassle of return, The components checked out – so everything is good. The only gripe I have is that if I pay for new, I should get a sealed, unopened box. If I willingly pay for an open box, I should get a discount. To pay for new, and then get an opened box is dishonest.

  3. Steve and Amy

    Kind of works, no lugsThis works but it’s all manual set up. You would think since it’s Bluetooth and does firmware updates that they would have presets for existing popular batteries like Battery Born. But no you have to search online for someone who has successfully set it up. And I would have also thought it could give you some kind of idea of how the battery is when you first connect but you really need to fully charge the battery then sync it to the app for a starting point.It took forever for the actual display to update the settings I entered via the app. No idea how I finally got it to, after an hour playing with it, it stopped flashing setup and displayed the actual data.Worst is the bolts on the shunt are huge, 3/8 inch diameter. But I had no lugs that size. Even the battery doesn’t have bolts that big so why would this have to be? For this price, as simple as this is, they could have included some. So order some lugs with 3/8 inch holes.Its simple, gives you some idea what state the batter is in and you can watch how much is being drawn as you turn things on.

  4. Ron Harbin

    Poor advertising, installation instructions, and customer supportFirst, let me say I’ve read lots of good things about the Victron BMV-712 and I’m still hopeful that I’ll be happy with the product. Here are my issues:1. The instructions that come with the unit are for models 700 and 702. It says nothing about the 712. Did they pack the wrong instruction? Are they behind in printing? I was told to just use the 702 instructions.2. I have a pretty typical installation – two group 31 AGMs and a battery switch that I normally keep on one or the other batteries. I was told I must either buy a second monitor or keep the switch on Both.3. The unit was advertised as being able to read battery voltage of a starter battery and comes with a wire for that purpose. It is also supposed be able to monitor battery temperature (a $20 extra). However, I now realize it can only do one or the other. That’s a bit of a disappointment. I know I could put in a separate switch and reprogram the unit each time I want to read one or the other but that would be a pain.4. I called one of the numbers on the Victron site and the gentleman I spoke said they don’t sell through Amazon and that I’d need to talk to the third party seller for answers to any questions. I persisted and got the above answers but with a very unfriendly tone. I went to Amazon to determine the name of the “seller” and I don’t see one. So, here I am writing this less than positive review.Hopefully the remainder of my experience will go better and I’ll come back here for a more positive update.9/13/2019 UpdateI installed the monitor this last weekend and used the monitor and the phone app on a cruise I just returned from yesterday. I changed my review from 3 to 4 stars. The installation went very well. I really like the way the unit works and the app works great too.

  5. SoNotRacer

    Works greatDoes exactly as advertised. Easy to install with clear directions

  6. JC

    Works well – if you can find the correct settings for your specific battery.I got this battery monitor because (though I’m pretty handy and very tech literate) I’ve had a super hard time understanding the state of charge on my Lithium-Ion RV battery (which I spent a ton of money on, along with solar).This product promises to give very useful information like an actual total battery charge % and an estimate of time remaining given current power usage – just to name a few (there are many, many more features).However, after having it installed and beginning the setup using their App (which is solid) I was extremely frustrated to find that Victron, in the manual and on their website, offered little in the way of helping me input the correct parameters for the specific L-I battery array that I have – and without the settings correctly inputted, how can you trust what the BMV is telling you?Much to my relief, after some heavy google searching I found a helpful video from AM Solar on YouTube about how to program it (I can’t include the link in the review, but a search should return the result).Further, this video included instructions on how to find a VERY handy PDF on the AM Solar website with the exact settings for my exact battery in this exact BMV. Huge. Major, major props to AM Solar, but this left me wondering how / why Victron wouldn’t offer the same kind of service for its own product? Perplexing.So, I’ve given the product 4 Stars for now. Once I’ve used it more I may update the review, but I felt it was important to point others to the helpful AM Solar video and website to save people the frustration I experienced during setup.

  7. Mike E.

    Victron Energy never disappoints.This is my second purchase from Victron Energy. The BMV 712 reeks of quality and comes with well documented multiple ways of installation. I had returned another battery monitor from a competitor due to poor quality. This one from Victron did not disappoint. Yes it costs more, but you get what you pay for: a quality instrument with a ton of documents on how to install and best of all: use. Thank You Victron for the wealth of knowledge you share.

  8. Brandon

    Check your fuse in the temperature sensor (if you also purchased that)This is great, pricey, but great. I bench tested everything with a lithium(lifepo4) 12v pack that I assembled from four 3.2v cells and found a sweet spot of capacity that keeps me in a good range for battery longevity, and babies my aging cells (one of which has a significantly different resistance).The voltage was way off compared to two multimeters and I learned from Victron’s community forum that they accidentally put 100ma glass tube fuses in these units. It needs to be 1a, and they’ve begun shipping them with the appropriate fuse. Mine was indeed 100ma, and I had to order like a 20 pack of them online because no local store carried 1a fuses in the required tiny form factor.Two good quality multimeters and the sum of four individual cells as monitored by a balancer are all identical. BMV with 100ma fuse was like 0.08-0.12v low. Now it’s 0.05v low. So, better, but still not as accurate as I’d truly want for a sensitive battery chemistry with special needs.I created a VE Smart network with it and am sharing temperature and voltage data to my SmartSolar 75/15. Sadly, despite joining and rejoining a billion times, the smart solar always shows a wildly different voltage. It says it’s receiving this data from the network, and the temperatures match on both panes in the app – but voltage is just always so far off. I don’t know if it’s the BMV or the charge controller, but either way it’s not ideal.

  9. bob

    Buy this before you kill your battery. Stop guessing, know how much power you actually have.This is a game changer . A battery gas gauge. First connect . Important only the one side of the snunt hooks to the battery. Do not connect any other item to the negative of the battery or that cable or that side of the shunt. All items negative must be connected only to the other side of the shunt . To measure anything going in or out the battery. Set up your battery info into the unit i preferred Bluetooth with cell phone. It shows you how much energy available ,what’s been used ,whats been added .so you know how much power you have. Excellent product. I recommend it as your first item to buy before using a battery. Stop guessing , stop trying to calculate based off battery voltage.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Accurate Battery MonitorI have this with a thermometer for the battery pack. I’ve bounced the readings taken by the monitor against specific gravity tests and the State of Charge indicated on the monitor is accurate. Makes knowing how much power you have left much easier since voltage readings alone are not the best indication. The monitor uses its low draw shunt to accurately track Amp Hours used and for lead acid batteries applies the Puekert effect since those higher wattage draws pull more power from the battery than an equivalent lower wattage draw for longer.Just think through where you’re going to install the monitor in relation to your battery pack. A wire physically runs from the battery to the monitor.

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