WARN 94000 4000 DC Series 12V Electric Winch with Steel Cable Rope: 7/32″ Diameter x 43′ Length, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity

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  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Package Dimensions: 26.67 H x 48.514 L x 22.225 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 35.6 pounds
  • Country of Origin : China



The Warn 4000 DC Utility Winch has the power to move heavy loads quickly and effortlessly. With an impressive pulling capacity and lots of standard features, this winch works hard at making your job easy. Equipped with a powerful 1.9 horsepower permanent magnet DC motor with outstanding duty cycle, a reliable three-stage planetary gear train and 12-volt power for portability, the DC4000 Utility winch from Warn is great for trailers or on the jobsite. This versatile and powerful utility winch comes standard with 43 feet of 7/32″ (13m of 6mm) wire rope with hook and clasp, corded remote and roller fairlead.

From the manufacturer

WARN Industries, Go Prepared


We’re the industry leader for a reason. Since 1948 Warn Industries has built its reputation on manufacturing the very best winches, bumpers, and accessories that are designed, engineered and tested for reliability, durability and, of course, for the love of off-roading. When you go prepared, you get to keep going.


winches, bumpers, mounting systems, hubs, wheels, accessories, and body armor

winches, bumpers, mounting systems, off-road accessories, plow systems

winches and rigging accessories

winches, hoists and industrial accessories


If you’re building your truck or SUV, then this is the place to start. Our off-road products are designed, built and tested by the very people who use them, right here in the rugged, Pacific Northwest. Products include winches, bumpers, mounting systems, off-road accessories, 4wd hubs, epic wheels, and body armor.


You can choose from two distinct winch lines packed with WARN DNA: The all new AXON winch merges innovative technology with unmatched durability for serious enthusiasts. VRX winches take performance and value to a level never seen before in powersports. But no matter what Warn powersports winch you choose, you’ll get IP68-rated waterproofing to keep the water and elements out; all metal construction for the ultimate in durability; a three-stage planetary gear train for smooth and reliable operation; and an easy-to-turn clutch dial based on decades of Warn 4WD hub-lock know-how.


At Warn Industries, hard work is a core value. We have a line-up of labor-saving tools that are destined to change the way you work. We know you’re up for a challenge, but it’s our job to make sure you have all the right gear to finish any job put in front of you. From the do-all, innovative PullzAll lifting and pulling tool to the innovative Drill Winch, WARN products mean one thing to you: letting one person do the work of two.


Our industrial winches are designed to help you do your job safely, quickly and efficiently. Warn planetary winches provide the speed to get you to your next job and help you increase your profits. Choose Warn for your industrial applications. Products include winches, hoists, and industrial accessories.

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Weight 34 kg




Item Weight

34 pounds

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12 Volts



Date First Available

February 14 2014



10 reviews for WARN 94000 4000 DC Series 12V Electric Winch with Steel Cable Rope: 7/32″ Diameter x 43′ Length, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity

  1. Niels

    I reviewed it in errorI reviewed it in error

  2. Jacob

    Great dealThe winch was a little more expensive than a harbor fright winch but man dose it perform. I pull a 83 ¾ ton out of the mud with it and 2 snatch blocks and have used it with 2 snatch block to load a dead 6500lb 4×4 Toyota tundra on my trailer. I’d buy a second one in a hart beat well worth the money and out performs the harbor freight 2k winch. We burned up 2 of the harbor freight 2k winches not even pushing em as hard as we push the warn 2k.

  3. AL

    Slow but good power under loadHappy so far. Ran 6-AWG stranded copper wire back to this 2000 series winch. I use it to pull non-running compact cars and trucks onto a 18′ low deck tilt trailer. Loads are 3000 lbs or less with one or more flat tires or even a frozen wheel bearing. I also carry a snatch block but haven’t quite needed to use it yet.Do wish the cable was a little thicker, 3/16 is easily damaged so I plan to replace with 7/32 when this one gives out. Haven’t found a small weather proof cover for this yet, plastic bags don’t last long.

  4. nocoffee

    works and is strong save your back and get or make a pickup cranei read the directions, and you have to stretch and tight wrap the cable starting from 5 wraps, on spool. I used 6 ga wire from idling 14.6 volt battery 16 feet away to crane, and 6 ga wire to frame grd with additional grd cable to frame from battery. OE pickup wiring is not good enough for something like this. I haven’t taken an amp reading sorry:( I stretched the cable by attaching winch to tree and having crane pull pick up to tree with brakes applied and it pulled very hard, but during free spool it still unwraps easy. I used it for at least 3hrs straight of heavy lifting and dumping. I bought a NATIONAL snatch block used for soft rope and it worked, but i cut the side off of the shiv. I found a quality superwinch brand snatch block at Runnings farm store, for 14.00. will use it from now on. During winching as the cable wraps up the gear ratio gets higher, making the pull harder. This is my first winch, and i should have bought one years ago, my back would be better, that is the sole reason i bought this in the first place, because i know several big strong guys that have done a lot of heavy work and also have had at least one back surgery. If you are thinking about moving heavy stuff and that a winch would take too much time, think about lifting 10lbs or less for 6 months while vertebrae heal from three surgeries. Just think about that, is a 100 dollar winch and a truck crane too much? The other thing to calculate if you don’t have things is tackle for the winch, some choker chains, clevis’, shackles or d rings. I had steel laying around and made a crane, and bought the beam, it was 60 inches long with a 4 ton jack positioned less than 12 inches from the pivot and i lifted at least 450 lbs with no problem, and i had odd angle drag/pulls (ruining snatchblock) that worked well starting from 1/2 spool ratio to full spool ratio and the motor rpm slowed maybe 10%? I have a tool bag to store it in. Lifted rider mower, snowblower, big block engines (425 455 OLDS), and trees. will buy again if it fails and i can’t fix it. If the control fails one dpdt momentary toggle switch with furnace thermostat wire will take its place, for cheap and very durable repair.

  5. coffee sadness

    Purchased this winch to help load logs onto a trailer …Purchased this winch to help load logs onto a trailer for firewood collection. It has worked very well for doing what I intended to use it for and has not failed me yet. I’m pulling 45-50′ logs with an 14″ diameter out of log piles without a problem. It seems very powerful and is a real back and time saver since I no longer have to cut the logs into manageable sizes.Drawbacks -1. The control cable is only about 10′ long. So while I can do things by myself I can’t get to the back of the 16′ trailer and still have control over the winch while loading.2. the cable is starting to fray at points – most likely because I’ve tried pulling far more than the winch is rated at but something to consider. I think the cable should have been up-sized a little but again it’s probably from me overloading it3. Cable length – again i’m working with a 16′ trailer – the 35′ of cable they include does give me some extra length to get into the wood pile and beyond but a 50′ would be ideal4. cable tensioner – this is the part that is supposed to keep pressure on the cable that is on the winch drum. It is set with such low pressure that it does not help if you have the winch down to the last layer or two of cable. this means unless you try to keep pressure on it manually (which won’t happen if your free-spooling) the cable will ultimately have to be pulled out completely and re-wound or you’ll have to have someone else closer to the winch to keep it from getting bunched up. It’s only a small piece of tin and can probably be bent to put more pressure on the drum but just something i’ve noticed with the first 40 or 50 uses of the unit.

  6. Mathew M.

    Great winch for the money.Only two mounting bolts and control wire didn’t lock on really.I bought this item used in good condition. I have gotten many things from Amazon like this and always has worked out for me so far. Saved 10$ item arrived with all its pieces box was just a little tore up. So good deal for the most part. Why 4 stars then you ask? Well amazon seems to think that packaging heavy things like this jointly with other items is an ok idea lol no its not. The box they put to gather with this 30 lbs winch and another item was demolished by the time it arrived good sense might tell you not to losely pack heavy items with other things but I guess they are new to the whole shipping thing…. Other item was totally missing because box was so badly beaten who’s to blame? Well that don’t matter really. Amazon credited me for lost item and I reorder it. Winch is good though pretty heavy little thing I used for an a tv show plow and it functions great. Does not seem to run down battery to bad. There are only 2 5/16 bots for mounting which kind of surprised me for a winch rated at 2000lbs but for a snow plow on and a tv that is ok. The remote control plug don’t seem to latch on that great but I think its meant to be removed after every use on a tv that’s not really what you want though so a bit of black tape resolves that issue. For the price good winch For sure though happy with the purchase

  7. Pat D.

    Plenty of power packed in this winch.Used this winch to haul heavy rounds of oak wood into my dump trailer. Worked flawlessly

  8. Jay Jay Kay

    Warn WinchI mounted this item on my mower which I have used no less than 20 times to pull the mower out of the mud on my woods trails. The only bad thing about it is it is extremely noisy. It sounds like a coffee grinder but it does the job.The zero turn mowers bog down much quicker than standard mowers. You can’t rock them back and forth because of the front wheel action. It’s cheap, it’s noisy but it works. Trying to keep the cable wound up properly is almost a waste of time and it will get kinks no matter how careful you are.JJKUpdate 02/02/2021The control switch crumbled and I installed a huge 3 phase directional control switch which works better because it has a large knob that you can activate with gloves. Since I have an extensive electronics background it was not a problem.JJK

  9. Jessika

    Great buyUse this on a trailer to load motorcycles. Has no problem pulling directly or even better with a snatch block. Should always pick winch 1 1/2 times the load to be pulled so 400-600 Lb loads are no problem. Saw one review where cable failed but they were pulling a 3000+Lb load with a 2000Lb winch – not the brightest thing to do.

  10. wreckit

    It came with a broken relay and wouldn’t work moI didn’t like that quality control let it go out for delivery and I had buy a new relay and fix it

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