Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System, Tankless RO Water Filtration System, 800 GPD Fast Flow, 3:1 Pure to Drain, LED Purifier, Smart

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Brand Waterdrop
Included Components RO system, RO filter, CF filter, CB filter, LED smart faucet, PE pipes *3, T-fitting, Drain Saddle
Product Dimensions 18.12″L x 5.67″W x 17.72″H
Purification Method Reverse Osmosis

  • 800 GPD high capacity, 3:1 pure to drain ratio. The Waterdrop G3P800 reverse osmosis system offers faster water flow (800 gallons per day) and filters one cup of water in just 6 seconds. The tankless RO system G3P800 adopts advanced water dispensing technology, it uses up just a cup of wastewater for every three cups of filtered water produced.
  • 9-stage filtration. Through 9-stage filtration, the tankless reverse osmosis system can effectively reduce TDS, PFAS, fluoride, heavy metals like chromium, arsenic, iron, radium and calcium, salts like nitrate and chloride as well as large particles. Besides, tested by a third-party laboratory, the system can reduce lead.
  • Smart faucet, LED function. The tankless RO system G3P800 is equipped with a smart faucet, by which you can get the TDS level and water quality at a glance. Besides powerful filtration function, the RO system G3P800 is equipped with a LED lamp with lifespan as long as 50 years. The LED can be automatically turned on when water flows by and has the sterilization rate up to 99.9%.
  • Stylish look, tankless design. The RO system G3P800 has a stylish look and is very attractive. The tankless design saves 70% under sink space and helps to avoid secondary contamination. The system can consistently produce water and ensures purity in every drop. You can get purified water anytime without waiting.
  • Authoritative certification. The RO system G3P800 is certified by the Federal Communications Commission. Besides, it won German Red Dot Design Award 2019 and meets the EU Standards and UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) Standards for safety. Tested by a third-party laboratory, the TDS reduction rate exceeding 90% meets to the NSF/ANSI standard.


From the brand

Product Description

RO system

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RO system

800GPD faster water flow

G3P800 provides a fast water flow rate of 800 GPD and can filter a cup of water in about 6 seconds, ensuring that you can enjoy pure water immediately

RO system

3:1 Low Drain Ratio

The RO system G3P800 adopts advanced water dispensing technology, it uses up just a cup of wastewater for every three cups of filtered water produced.

RO system

Easy to replace

The front forward-pulling type filter of the reverse osmosis system can be easily replaced only in 2 seconds without moving a main body in and out.

RO system

No tank, No worry

The Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System G3P800 is tankless, thereby saving 70% undersink space.

Exquisite Life with Intelligent Design

RO system

Satisfy Your More Water Demands

RO system

Enjoy Natural Mineral Water At Home

Search “Waterdrop Remineralization Filter” to enjoy mineral water with our tankless reverse osmosis system at Home.

RO system

Connect To Refrigerator and Ice Maker

If you need to connect RO system to a refrigerator and ice maker, we recommend you to purchase our PMT pressure tank.

Does this RO system need to be powered on?

Electrical outlet is required. Main power cable 90″, faucet’s power cable 59″. Check if the system uses the same socket with garbage disposal or dishwasher if the RO system doesn’t work when plugged in. If so, please prepare a separate socket.

Are there any precautions for this RO system? Do I need to drill holes?

Drill 2 holes to install the system. One for RO faucet (1″), and the other for drain pipe connection.

Is this reverse osmosis water filter system unit suitable for well water?

We do not recommend using well water as a source due to its complicated composition. We recommend having a basic water filter to remove the large particles in your well water before sending it to this RO system.

Can I use our own faucet?

No, you cannot. Your original kitchen faucet may not be compatible with the system. Therefore, we have included a dedicated faucet in this reverse osmosis water system.

Do I need to replace the UV lamp regularly?

No, it is not. The RO system is equipped with a LED which has a 99.9% reduction rate and can last up to 50 years. It uses an advanced LED chip with little or no maintenance requirements.

Additional information

Weight 32.8 kg
Dimensions 18.12 × 5.67 × 17.72 cm
Product Dimensions

18.12 x 5.67 x 17.72 inches; 32.8 Pounds

Date First Available

June 29 2021





5 reviews for Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System, Tankless RO Water Filtration System, 800 GPD Fast Flow, 3:1 Pure to Drain, LED Purifier, Smart

  1. NewType

    Incredibly happy with Waterdrop RO systemI’d been relying on those pitcher-base water filters, but wanted to take the leap to an RO based system after moving into my new place this past summer. After doing a lot of research, I settled on the Waterdrop G3P800 system because it seemed to hit the sweet spot of great design and filtration performance (I own a number of products that have won the Red Dot Design Award and trust me, you will never regret owning a product that has won the Red Dot). So even though the jG3P800 was pricey, I reasoned the cost couldn’t compare to being able to drink and cook with water that is free of not only common contaminants like lead, but newer, harder-to-filter stuff like PFAS “forever chemicals” that many filters won’t catch. As such, the main points about why I chose the Waterdrop 800GPD are:* 800 gallons per day capacity* Efficiency (only 1 cup of waste water for every 3 cups of purified water)* Informative indicators on both smart faucet and main filtration unit (see pictures)* Easy-to-replace filters with indicators that let you know when you need to do so* Tankless, on-demand system (no need to worry about bacterial build up in tanks)* Integrated, in-line UV light to kill any bacteria that might have bypassed filtration* Extensive 9-stage filtration, including PFAS “forever chemicals”* Sleek, futuristic, integrated design that looks great both above and below countertop (and leaves plenty of space under)So it was to my great dismay that when my package arrived, I discovered the smart RO faucet was actually missing in the box! I immediately contacted Waterdrop support via Amazon.com, but in my anxiousness, I also ended up calling their toll free number. I was pleasantly surprised when someone actually answered the call in less than 5 minutes, as I was in a fairly sour mood given that a major component was missing on an expensive purchase. After explaining my situation, Waterdrop offered to send a replacement faucet out immediately. There was no back-and-forth—the agent on the phone just asked me to verify my shipping address and the missing part. Just two days later, I received a package with the smart RO faucet inside!The installation itself took a few hours (it helped that I already had a hole for the smart faucet pre-drilled into the countertop). I’m sure it would have gone faster had I had more experience with plumbing, but as long as you read the directions carefully and/or watch the installation videos, installing the RO system should be relatively straightforward. The most difficult part was drilling a 1/4” hole into the waste water pipe in order to connect the wastewater line from the Waterdrop filtration unit to. The best moment? When I plugged in the RO system to the under-counter power outlet and turned the 800 GPD on. It was lovely watching the displays light up and the RO system do its thing (you need to initially flush the system for 30 minutes, but the smart display on the faucet will let you know when the water is ready for drinking).I’ve now been using the Waterdrop RO system for almost 2 weeks now. I naturally use it for all drinking and cooking needs now, but given the extremely fast flow rate and the endurance of the 3 hefty filters, I am also using it to do a final rinse of all my dishes and flatware (I prefer to hand wash my dishes vs. running the dishwasher). I’ve also noticed my cats seem to love the taste and the purity of the water as well.In conclusion, I am completely delighted with my Waterdrop RO system. The hiccup with the missing smart faucet was annoying, but Waterdrop’s responsive and helpful customer service really made up for the packaging oversight. Thus, without any reservations, I can heartily recommend the Waterdrop G3P800.

  2. M&A Shopping

    Best purchase of the year!After using it daily for more than 2 moths and taking manual TDS readings 2x a day for the first 2 weeks i am very happy with my purchase. Here are some points that i really like:- TDS Reduction: My tap water TDS fluctuate from 150 – 280 and the TDS of this filter fluctuate as well. When the tap water is around 150 the filter can take it down to 4 – 5 and when it is in 280 the filter takes it to 10 – 13. So it reduce the TDS by >95%.- The integrated TDS reader: it is very accurate, but if you install the remineralization filter like i did you should expect to see 16 – 23 more in an external TDS reader and even higher if the water have been sitting for a while in the minerals filter.- High Flow: We drink a lot of water and the high flow is really appreciated, my wife and i both consume from 5 – 7L and we use it for other things too like the espresso machine and washing vegetables so an approximate daily use is around 15L / day and you save a lot of time compared to other products with slower flow.- Auto Flush: it automatically flush after 5 minutes and when it have been idle for a long time so you always get fresh water.- Water taste and PH: the water taste good, neutral but without the remineralization filter it will taste dry and empty so i highly recommend it. The pH is neutral too 7 – 7.2 and with the remineralization it go up to 7.9 which is great.- Size: it is very compact and well designed, it feels like a an Apple product jejeje.- Installation: i hired someone to install it but it took 2hrs to get it working so maybe it is not easy but not extremely hard either.So far this has been a great investment and hope it last.

  3. Sim

    Great ChoiceI decided to buy this model because it is build to the latest/newest technological developments in this sector, to my knowledge at least.This filter system itself is indeed very easy to install, if you follow the easy to understand visual and written instructions. The whole installation time and difficulties depend on the space you are placing the filter in.I made a tiny mishap not using enough force inserting the tubes. 🥲 To keep a long story short, their tech support is very friendly and on the spot.The taste of water is different compared to fridge filtered. I installed a remineralization filter so it probably tastes different to pure RO water. Anyway, I love the taste. Knowing I drink pure and sanitized water makes it even better.To sum up: This system is worth the money as well the installation time and difficulties that might come with it.

  4. Steph

    Best water money can buyVery easy to set up. We have well water that we run through and iron removing tank and softener. They say they do not recommend using it for a well but considering it runs through two tanks I am not too worried. The water did not taste very good and we always worried about bacteria. This thing was a game changer. We even ran a leg to the ice maker! I highly recommend.

  5. the gorethox

    Worst box ever The amount of damage received from this box was ridiculous and it shouldn’t have been an acceptable to ship.Update 8/15/22 : As of this time I’m updating this review to 4 stars. The system says it’ll do about 90 effectiveness. I tested my water and it goes from 450 tds to around 50 . I really was hoping for thirties. Also to add that if you wait thirty seconds it drops to a much better value.

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