ZEAK 13000 lb. Premium Electric Winch 12V Waterproof Synthetic Rope, Wireless Remote, for Truck SUV

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  • Winch Load Capacity: 13,000 Pounds; 6.0 Horsepower; Gear Ratio: 236:1; With a 3-stage planetary gear system for strong pulling; The unique design is very suitable for your jeep Wrangler, SUVs, trucks and trailers, making it more attractive and cool
  • Winch Size: 21.5 x 6.3 x 9.8 inches; Mounting Bolt Pattern Size: 10 x 4.5 inches; Winch Synthetic Rope Size: 3/8 inch x 86 feet; This powerful winch is equipped with the stronger synthetic rope to quickly get rid of the predicament of vehicle getting stuck in some troubles
  • IP 68 waterproof design; 400 AMP 12V DC Series Wound; No load traction drag speed at 21.3 feet /min, the Full load 13000 lbs drag speed at 5 feet /min; comes with a upgrade version remote control, the remote control buttons are more sensitive, greatly reduced the problem which remote control can not control the rope in and out (Remote range up to 32 feet)
  • Package included a electric winch; 11.8 x 2.7 x 10.03 inches hawse fairlead; control box; mounting bolts; 3/8 inch clevis hook; 73.2 inches battery leads; circuit breaker; 137.4 inches corded remote control and a wirless remote
  • To install the winch and fairlead, getting a mounting bracket set up which not includes in this product; Please read the instructions carefully before operating the winch; Using the snatch block to help your work more easily; Another safety tip: throw a blanket onto the cables to reduce whiplash if something breaks loose

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Product Description


zeak 13000lb winch

ZEAK 13000lb.Powerful Winch


Package List:

  1. Winch*1
  2. Clevis Hook*1
  3. Hawse Fairlead*1
  4. Pendant Controller*1
  5. Circuit Breaker*1
  6. Control Box*1
  7. Battery Lead*2
  8. Red Strap*1
  9. Winch Mounting Hardware*1
  10. Wireless Remote*1


Key Features:

i. 13000lb. pulling capacity

ii. special dedsign control pack

iii. circuit breaker

iv. synthetic rope

v.wireless remote

  • Inspect your equipment regular, and before each use.
  • Listen to your winch. Learn to recognize when the winch is pulling easily or it is working harder.
  • Practice rigging and winching, and your skills will be ready for use when you need them.
  • Please Avoid long-duration pulls at high loads. Allow the winch to rest.
  • Always be considerate of others and the environment.


line pull (lb.) 13000
Horsepower (hp) 6
Motor 12V DC Series Wound
Gear Ratio 236:1
Dimensions (in.) 21.54×6.3×9.76
Weight (lb.) 58
Rope Size 3/8 (in.) × 86 (ft.)
Rope Material Synthetic
Gear Train System 3-Stage Planetary
Cluth Type Free Spooling
No Load Line Speed (ft/min) 16
Full Load Line Speed (ft/min) 5

Additional information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 6.3 × 9.8 cm


Item Weight

61 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.5 x 6.3 x 9.8 inches

Item model number



2 Lithium Metal batteries required.

Manufacturer Part Number


Special Features

Keep the duration of the pulling job as short as possible. If the motor becomes very hot to touch stop and let it cool down for several miuntes.


12 Volts



Date First Available

September 17 2019



10 reviews for ZEAK 13000 lb. Premium Electric Winch 12V Waterproof Synthetic Rope, Wireless Remote, for Truck SUV

  1. Boodissy

    stop shopping and buy this winch!This is a long review so if you aren’t interested in my personal experience with using this winch and the zeak customer service and just want to know my honest, unsolicited, unsponsored opinion, just stop shopping and buy this winch! It’s priced right and supported by a great team that treats customers first! You won’t be disappointed!So I had long suspected Amazon charges me more for the exact same things as say my exgf who did not do as much purchasing as I do on this site. I do 90% of all my shopping here on this site. So we tested it and it was indeed not my paranoia but it is true that not only would she get the exact items for less money , she got better shipping times when ordering from and using the exact same address as I do. On this particular item and just ordering the winch by itself shipping to my address, I got a delivery date that was 4-5 days out and she got one the next day. I needed now and even if I didn’t , I wanted it now. So I ordered this on her account bc I really did need it asap as I was currently stuck in the mud in my backyard where it was soupy from 5 days of rain with my house being adjacent a large pond, it was a mess. So the spot I park in now bc my HOA feels looking at my van in my driveway causes them so much distress and mental anguish that they had to threaten me with litigation to have me lawfully remove my registered personal vehicle from my private property under a HOA bylaw which would disqualify my van if it were a commercial vehicle which this HOA had conspired for months by sneaking onto my yard to have pictures clearly taken of the van from within my property borders where a “no tresspassing”sign had to be passed and ignored, si while I quietly wished they brought this to court, they even had some lawyer friend draw up some phonie letter with harshly worded statements that equated to the same baseless requests made to seem have some dire repercussions more than a mark on my permanent neighbor records. When they told me that could happen I almost died right then , yea i stopped looking for a lawyer right then and decided I was gonna take a shot at representing myself on this one. But after what seemed to be a white flag or at least a concession of sorts I was given a all of a sudden friendly reminder that their request was not full banishment from the entire kingdom but just the removal from street view would now be acceptable. Cuz I’m busy and don’t have time for anymore of these stupid games, I decided to in good faith comply. Taking weeks off my schedule to build a parking lot and possible driveway extension around my sprawling estate.?. (It’s a single family built in the80s) so I had to quickly build some sort of parking pad in my backyard where drainage is already an issue and space is limited. To save time, I constructed a spot where the 4 corners of the tires would sit on 6 inches or more of concrete and rock this has proven to be sturdy enough to hold up the van indefinitely. I did not have the time to pour an entire concrete pad. Especially since I had not planned during my van build to have to stop and level by hand a 25ft by 7ft area that had a slope with a difference of 8 inches-left to right. I had not prepared to construct an entire new driveway in my backyard but has appeased the HOA gods for now and they’ve finally stfu about it. Anyway when I first moved it to see if it was even possible, it was and I parked and the very same night it rained and didn’t stop for 5 days. The weight of the van just sank it like the titanic and I knew I was in trouble, I took all the recovery gear from my jeep and still wouldn’t budge. I needed a winch, I was going to get a warn xd whichever one is compatible with the van compass hidden winch front bumper replacement as I had planned to get that some were down the road. But as circumstances now dictated. I had to get something now. Bc the bumper wouldn’t come in for a while I decided to buy a quality winch that could also fit in that space. I had been watching abs reading about the zeak and just found out it was the exact dimensions as the warn I needed to get so that’s what gave me the push to get a relatively no name brand with nobody that I know that could vouch for it. And taking a gamble on something like this didn’t seem too smart but I’m pretty not smart so yolo. Lemmie tell you , this thing out of the box it ROBUST solid, built to last, all quality parts, I felt stupid for having doubted these guys. So as I was saying I dock my van like it was a boat bc of how tight the spot is. I use it a lot and it does not fail, it pulls my fat van up steep little pads I made with bo regard to making it easier in the winch but making it easier for me to construct. It drags my heavy a** up these janky concrete mounds I built to level myself out. And as I have to squeeze into a super tight spot where my choices are drop 8 inches off the pad or m crush my waste tanks and rear lights and destroy my deck stairs to boot. I can drive abd park anything with at least 2 wheels but sometimes it’s just easier to pull myself slowly into the exact spot I need to be in. So the winch is effective in docking me within centimeters on each side to a perfect fit onto the 4 spots I precisely measured to reinforced with extra concrete and rock to prevent10,000lb , 21ft 10ft high promaster van. So everything is going great and I’m pretty proud of my concrete columns/mounds and especially proud of my no name it’s not a warn , why would I gamble on that Zeak winch which I’d take to war with me, however, the remote stopped working , the wired control worked fine but I’m 21 ft from the rear as I had to mount the winch on my tow hitch using the zeak tow hitch winch mount. They work perfect on my 3500lb rated tow hitch. I use 3 snatch rings when docking which as I learned will bring my towing weight down from 10k to 3.3k. (Mechanical advantage) ma=fo/fiSo the remote no longer works and I have to ask my now EX gf to contact zeak and she does and my instructions were to accept this ups label that day which was to return a new zeak winch they had sent me the next day and to swap my dead remote for the new remote and seal the bo back up apply the shipping label and it was that easy. The cost to zeak had to be extraordinarily high to ship me a 2oz remote in a 90lb box both ways! but I don’t run their logistical department so what do I know. So I didn’t get to test it bc my new gf is a pain in my life and she’s young still in her 20s, I’m as old as I look and feel and don’t have time for winching for the duration of her visit from Europe. I finally can get back to my van build in peace with her back safe and sound right next to Russia. But just like Russia the new remote was dead in the water. So you might’ve asked yourself did this guy just throw in a sexy 26 year old blonde with a European accent into the story to brag ? Maybe. ,or maybe bc my exgf , the one where this winch was originally bought ,whose account has te transaction therefore has the ability to customer service unlike me the guy who by zeaks records , is just a winchless nobody and why would they help a guy like that? They wouldn’t! And since my old yesterdays news of a girlfriend was handling te breakup like a child and not like a 40 year old woman. But also th same girl that to teach me a lesson about not breaking up it’s her when she yells at me for hour bc her borderline personality disorder and histrionics and narcissistic personality disorder all converge right before her period and combines making her like this power ranger of hate and Al these disorder that doesn’t exist bc she found a pill pusher with a pad to say she has ADD and prescribed her basically meth. So now she’s even more of a monster so I bought another winch where I’ll be swapping out the parts I need to make it work right after I clear it with zeak that it is ok to do so. But as this was basically the same procedure as before, I see no problems. So the morale of the story is don’t buy winches on your girlfriends Amazon account no matter how amazing the S.E.X is ( do not read that word aloud, rather spell it out in a whisper as children may be reading as well. So that’s my story about the ZEAK 13000! It happened to me , it could happen to you!

  2. Cindy

    Looks and works great! Easy installGreat value for a “just in case” winch. Installed easy and looks good on my 2022 Wrangler JL. New bumper and winch only made the front “sag” 1/8″. Only used it enough to put a load on the line when I installed it but it operates smooth and relatively quiet. I like the inline fuse, synthetic line, corded and wireless controls and of course, the price. Perfect fit for me.

  3. Mark B.

    One of the best winches I have purchasedI have owned several different brand winches in the past and this seems to be built really well and has some great features for the price. You not only get the cable connected controls but you also get a wireless remote. Comes complete and ready to go with the exception of the mounting bracket which I was able to buy online to fit my installation needs quite easily.I mounted this winch on my car trailer just in case I needed to use it.This winch also comes with a high strength synthetic cable instead of the metal one which in my opinion the synthetic is much easier to use and keep clean on the winch.I did buy a winch cover online which fit perfectly over the winch to protect it from the elements.So far I’m very happy with this purchase and would definitely purchase another Zeak Winch if/when I need it.

  4. Roy Mustang

    Great winchPulled a 1960 Cadillac with it so it can pull just about anything

  5. kent b.

    This is a very good winch for the price!The media could not be loaded.

     I was extremely pleased with this winch from the moment I opened the box. The motor and reel look really well made as well as heavy duty. I really liked that the circuit breaker came with its own jumper wire and hardshell protective box. All of the wiring that’s necessary to use this winch comes in the package with all of the terminal ends crimped and ready to install. The wires are all also color coded so you don’t have to think too hard about which wires go where. Once I got started putting everything together it only took me about 30 minutes to finish assembly. My dad and I fabricated a mounting plate for the winch to be installed onto my car hauler trailer. I’ve since used the winch to pull several vehicles onto the trailer and it works great! I would have to say that there really isn’t anything that I dislike about this winch. My absolute favorite thing about it is the disengage lever. It is made from solid metal and engages/disengages smoothly and easily. It is the most heavy duty lever of all the winches that I have ever owned!

  6. Samuel Taft

    Plenty of powerIt’s really nice and it works great used it to pull out a stuck forklift on a job site.

  7. Kevin Ingraham

    For the price? Absolutely.The media could not be loaded.

     Update, install and using the winch: I am really happy with this winch, so far. The install and use instructions are easy and straightforward. Plenty of cable (too much for my application actually) to run to your battery, and it all went together with zero problems. Wireless and wired remote both work, the winch itself works flawlessly. Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing to complain about, so far. Still need to trail test it, I’ll update if I run into issues in the future, but as of right now, this is a damned bargain for what you get!Initial unboxing review: I bought this winch as the most budget-friendly product that came with synthetic rope. I have been around plenty of winches at varying price points (Warn, Smittybilt, HF, etc), and I expected this to come in as comparable to something like a HF product. Overall, that is pretty true from a build quality standpoint, but I don’t consider that a bad thing at all. Bang for buck, this seems to be a pretty solid product. Everything feels beefy. There’s a decent amount of plastic, but that is to be expected, and importantly it doesn’t feel flimsy, so I’m not at all worried.The wire that comes with it for install is very thick.. definitely a plus. The main power cable provided is plenty long and it comes with a breaker box! I was pleasantly surprised by this. A little extra security for overload. Not all winches come with one, so that’s a great feature.It has a wired and wireless remote.. seems some people are having issues with the wireless remote. I’ll have to check that out once I get everything connected, but for now it to work.Hardware included is all 8.8, which should be plenty strong.I am pretty optimistic that this is going to turn out to be a good buy once I get it installed and test it out.. all signs point to it from the unboxing and inspection. I see no reason not to give it full stars for now, it is meeting or exceeding all of my expectations given the price point, so far.

  8. Dr. John

    Smooth running, quieter than my Warn.The price and the case design. I pulled the Jeep up a slight incline for all but one wrap of the rope. Never got hot ( a subjective description) or stopped. Of course, it wasn’t under a heavy strain. I’ll update with a video timing it under different loads in a few days.I think the case design has more to do with heat dissipation then just aesthetics. I didn’t open the gear side like the other reviewer as mine didn’t make that much noise. Maybe they updated since then. You can see they updated the clevis. I ordered an Ambull 3/8″ clevis at the same time I ordered the winch. Notice the comparison in size and quality!I did try both the cable and wireless remote. They both worked.Installation was both quick and easy (another relative term) as I did have to work from underneath for the 4 bolts and running up the wires to the battery. Circuit breaker is a must-have and was included!Don’t forget to connect the little black wire to the ground post. No instructions but having the color rings under the threaded posts made it (actually) easy.I have a Warn winch on a receiver mount if I need to hook to a tree or something solid so the winch doesn’t drag me towards the vehicle or object I’m trying to recover/pull out. That was a nice benefit of using a split boom recovery vehicle. Also using the wheel lift as a chock.I was the Recovery/Towing Manager at Jack Wolf’s Sunoco west of Philly back in the 80’s so this isn’t just a shiny toy to me. Oh, just cut the sticker down as shown on my tailgate. Like I’m going to have a picture of a pickup on my Jeep.This is my daily driver and I’m a Rural Carrier in southern Indiana.I’ll update as I get to play with it so I know what it can do and not bite off more than I can chew helping someone out.

  9. kevin wirgau

    Looks nice and works great! A super price too

  10. JFouts

    Great product. Excellent price. Will likely purchase at least one moreThe media could not be loaded.

     I initially purchased the Zeak 13000 for my 1990 1/2 ton Suburban thinking I was going to do a bumper mount, but ended up doing a stinger mount so that I could move it between rigs.Once mounted to stinger this thing is much heavier than I want to be moving from the back of rig to receiver, let alone carrying between rigs. This thing feels very solid.Install was very straight forward and included all necessary instruction and mounting hardware.Prior to receiving, I did order a separate roller fairlead which I now feel was unnecessary. I am confident that the included fairlead would have been fine with its synthetic rope.My only complaint with this was the mount point for the rope on the spool and the factory winding which seemed a little too tight. I feel the mount point should be closer to the spool and will likely at some point redrill and tap to move it. That being said, care should be used while winding any winch.For the initial test I just used a battery sitting in the back of the bed. The factory winch power leads were plenty long enough for this setup.Overall I am very happy with the purchase.See my video review for winch in use and further details.

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