Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump, 1 Pack, Stainless Steel

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Brand Zoeller
Color Stainless Steel
Material HAWA
Style Submersible,Sump Pump
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22 x 22 x 36 inches
Power Source Ac/dc
Item Weight 27.1 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate 43 Gallons Per Minute

  • 3/10 HP pump for residential sump pits or septic tanks
  • 1½” discharge, passes 1/2″ solids
  • Automatic model with integral float switch
  • Performance: 43 GPM at 5′ TDH, shut-off: 19.25′ TDH
  • All cast iron construction with stainless steel guard and handle
  • 100% factory tested


Product Description

We manufacture a wide selection of residential and commercial pumps and accessories to provide the best solutions for moving wastewater and effluent. With 100% factory testing, no one matches this level of dependability.

From the Manufacturer

When you have residential or commercial wastewater issues, you can count on Zoeller Pumps to deliver the very best solutions-our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durability. Submersible pump for dewatering (sump) or effluent (septic tank systems). Float operated, submersible (NEMA 6) 2 pole mechanical switch & variable level long cycle

Important information

Bulb Voltage

115 volts

Additional information

Weight 27.1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 36 cm
Part Number


Item Weight

27.1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

22 x 22 x 36 inches

Item model number



1 Pack


Stainless Steel


SubmersibleSump Pump



Power Source



115 Volts



Item Package Quantity


Flow Rate

43 Gallons Per Minute

Cord Length

9 Feet

Included Components

Product Only

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


National Stock Number




Date First Available

April 28 2005



10 reviews for Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Sump Pump, 1 Pack, Stainless Steel

  1. Amazon Customer

    Met almost all my expectations.As previous reviews mentioned this pump is noticeably quieter than the one replaced. I had to purchase a reducer fitting to accommodate my 2” pipes since nowhere was it mentioned that it is a 1-1/2” design. Minor issue but worth noting. Otherwise a typical replacement.

  2. jdmans

    Fantastic pumpThis is a fantastic pump.I switched it out with a older zoeller that died on me and it took maybe 10 minutes to install.Is extremely quite and I like that all the internals are metal.Hopefully it will last me a long time. Can’t go wrong with it, it’s what the pros use.

  3. Theodore Wiprud

    Heavy duty pump but insufficient installation informationI needed a replacement pump in a hurry as early summer storms began to bear down, so I was thrilled that this baby got delivered from Amazon so quickly. But for those of us who aren’t plumbers, just reasonably handy, here are a couple of tips for installation.The pump’s output is through a female threaded opening, accepting a 1-1/2″ diameter pipe. First thing to note is that these measurements are inner diameter – so the actual diameter of this output opening is slightly over 1-3/4″. I was disappointed that the rather thick instruction booklet (multiple languages) gave no guidance on what to connect to this output. I went to a hardware store and asked for a 6″ length of 1-1/2″ diameter metal pipe, not knowing how I would attach that to the existing plastic hose I have for carrying output out to the street. Fortunately, when I went into Home Depot looking for hardware to step outer diameter down to fit into that plastic hose, the fellow who helped men was a plumber who showed me just how easy the solution is: a $12 kit including a plastic hose just like mine, and two plastic adapters ready to be mounted on a 1-1/4″ or a 1-1/2″ output. It’s that easy. But why doesn’t Moeller sell that piece as an add-on, the way it does with the check valve? This lack of information is the sole reason I’m giving the product 4 rather than 5 stars.The other installation issue is the hole the directions tell you to drill in the output pipe, level with the top of the unit. I drilled the 3/16 hole as instructed, and I now wish I hadn’t, because water shots violently out of that hole (of course) when the pump operates, partially undoing its work and in one instance nearly swamping my basement. I’d like to have an explanation of why this hole is important, if one installs a check valve (as instructed) about a foot higher in the output.Despite these misgivings, I fully expect the pump to protect us for many years. Its power is something to behold, and its solid iron construction feels bulletproof.

  4. Darius Slowik

    9 years laterSo my sump pump finally gave up after 9+ years of regular use. During this time it never had any issue. It is very quiet and worked very well. I was hoping it would last longer but at the same time I can’t complain given how much use I got out of it. Needless to say, I am buying exactly the same one as a replacement and if I get another 9 worry free years out of it, I will be happy.

  5. Bayou Reader

    After nearly 3 years, I’m still very pleased with operation and performance!The backyard for our new home is high and flat with very little slope to drain. For natural drainage, the minimum slope for natural drainage is 1/8″ per linear foot. Across 120′, this means 15″ drop. We have 3″, no way for natural drainage to be effective.After investigating the alternatives, I installed underground drainage to a 3′ X 3′ sump along part of the fence line, around 120′ in length. After researching various electric sump options, I chose the Zoeller.since this is an outside installation and unit will pump yard water and debris up to 1/2″ Dia. (grass cuttings, seeds and small floating junk). After installing the Zoeller pump, I buried 110′ of 1-1/2″ PVC Discharge Pipe to the street drain.The system has been working extremely well! Pump capacity seems to be higher than stated, likely as there is only a 28″ head. Pump cycles as expected and water is gone withing hours of a hard rain, as opposed to lingering for 3 days and making a muddy mess.I am very pleased with the system, and the Zoeller Pump.4/3/2017 UpdateAfter nearly 3 years, the pump still functions exactly as expected. The yard as described above drains exceptionally well including 3 of the neighbors, who are happy since their backyards also empty of rain water quickly. Pump works hard during the rains, but clears the accumulated water within 3 hours. Grass cuttings and small debris that flow into the drains are simply pumped out the discharge. Also, I’ve performed ZERO maintenance to date! Thank You, Zoeller!NOTE: No Check Valve was installed in the Pump Discharge line. Instead, during the installation, I created an elevated U-Tube above the horizontal discharge to the street drains and drilled a 1/8″ weep hole on the pump side which allows air in to drain the U-Tube preventing back flow. This option is explained in the installation instructions.

  6. No Fool

    Nice to find a great product, even if I had to go online to buy it.Nice to find a great product, even if I had to go online to buy it. I selected a Zoeller M57 to replace my old sump pump based on numerous favorable reviews on-line, and because it is still an American company too still manufacturing in the USA! I appreciated the numerous choices Zoeller offered, even if I could not justify the expense of the all-bronze units, and the all metal construction inspires confidence.Then I tried to buy it locally. But owing to the nature of America’s short-sighted consumers, Lowe’s and Home Depot have been allowed to destroy all competition in my region. And worse yet they tend to sell what is profitable to them, mostly made overseas, and that are acceptable to the unwashed masses who are their customer base (who occasionally include me); so neither sells Zoeller. I went back to the Internet and was pleased to find I was able to buy this superior product on sale at Amazon (another destroyer of local stores unfortunately), with no added shipping fee and delivery in a day or two, and I paid no State Sales Tax. I ended up paying less for this Zoeller M57 than I would have paid for the best of those lesser pumps sold by Lowe’s, or Home Depot – and I ended up with a superior product. I wish I could have purchased this from some local store, even if it had meant paying a bit more.The pump arrived quickly, is well constructed, has a more reliably engineered float switch than any pump I owned previously. The packing of this heavy item did have me concerned at first glance – but no damage to the pump was noted. The pump has a compact form, so it fit nicely into my sump pit. And it works like a champ – hopefully this would be the last sump pump that I would ever need to buy.

  7. Jeff

    Terrible packaging/#shippingExcellent product based on reviews and initial quality but the shipping box Amazon put this in is terrible and has no chance of arriving undamaged. The manufacturers box has no shipping protection. It is very heavy and Amazon simply plops it in an oversized empty box with no additional packing material so it just flops around in an empty oversized shipping box. In addition the manufacturers box clearly states it must remain upright but Amazon puts it in a plain box with no marking so naturally it has a 50/50 chance of arriving upside down so the oil leaks out of it. This is what happened to my order, oil all over the place. Too bad as appears to be a well made quality product.

  8. Ms. Chavez

    Great quality for a fair price Zoeller Pumps! Amazing!After buying my first home I was clueless on sump pumps. After learning that I have to in the basement I was even more nervous. 2 months after buying the home one of the pumps gave out. Wayne brand of course. Not the best quality out there. After hours of research I found Zoeller pumps and was relieved at the awesome reviews. I went with this model type because my pit hole is not the biggest and there’s not much water usage in my home. I am completely satisfied with this product. It arrived on time, perfectly packed, and with instructions. There is a bit rust on the pump after 4 months already but that does not mean the performance is any less. Not only is the pump quiet but very dependable. As soon as the second pump goes out I will definitely replace it with this model or maybe an upgraded model just to avoid the rust. I will say it and repeat it to anybody that’s clueless on sump pumps, go with Zoeller pumps! any model is great and the prices are very fair. Whether you buy them on Amazon or their direct website. They’re easy to install and if you need help there’s always YouTube videos. I’m just very grateful for this product because now I can sleep with the Peace of mind and a dry basement LOL Zoeller you have a customer for life!

  9. Lou Man Chew

    Heavy duty sump pumpProbably the best sump pump (NOT A GRINDER PUMP) on the market. The entire body of the pump is made of metal (cast iron) with a powder coat finish to last years in the water. Much better than those plastic pumps that will last only a few years. Now! As with all of these pumps, the only draw back is the float switch. The old original switches were a mercury type switch which would last as long as the pump (10-15 years or longer) but because of environmental concerns, they use a modern contact type of switch. Depending on how often your pump cycles will depend on how often you should change the switch (I change my switch every 5 years and cost around $34.00). That is the only draw back (if you want to call it that) that I have. A great and reliable pump that is worth the money.

  10. snert

    powerfulI bought this pump in Jan 2018. It runs beautifully. I installed it in my septic tank. I cut a hole in the septic plastic cover and ran a 100 foot discharge line to my flower bed and orange tree. The water table where I live is high so many people have problems with their weep lines.. Some people spend up to 10K for those new fancy aerobic systems which are high maintenance requiring plumbers to come out and service it. The way I installed it it works great with no additional maint costs. I live outside city limits so check your codes before you do this.My neighbor had the same problem and they had a plumber come out. He did the same thing I did except put an alarm on it and buried the line 3 inches. Cost him 5K. It’s a powerful pump and has not given me one bit of trouble. I just bought another today for my patio. It floods when it rains. I expect the same service out of this one also. I highly recommend this quality pump.

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