ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System with 2TB Hard Drive,H.265+ 16Channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR with 12PCS 1080P Outdoor Indoor

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  • 【H. 265/H.265+ 16Channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR】With the advanced H. 265 technology, keep the high quality video, it allows you to maximize storage space and enjoy ultra-long recording.
  • 【Expandable camera system】This is 16Channel 4-in-1 1080P HD-TVI DVR supports analog HD-TVI CVI AHD camera It provides you extend additional cameras You can add more 4pcs 720P or 1080P Bullet or dome cameras
  • 【Weatherproof Bullet Dome Camera,80ft Night Vision】These Camera use Aluminum Metal /ABS materials, Can be installed in outdoor or indoor place.Up to 80ft night vision in total darkness and 130ft Night vision in ambient light.
  • 【Built in 2TB Security Grade Hard Drive】– Support ultra-long continuous recording and backup by USB. Dvr can be set to automatically overwrite the oldest internally stored footage or you can transfer those video files by USB to a memory stick or external hard Drive.
  • 【Remote Access & Motion Detection & Instant alerts】Free app for live view & Playback on smart devices with Wi-Fi anywhere anytime.You can customize a specific motion detection zone in each camera to minimize false alerts.



Product Description



1080P 16 channel Security System

16 channel H.265+ DVR specification

  • 1080P Full HD Resolution
  • H.265+ New compression tech
  • Remote & Local Playback
  • Advanced & customizable motion detection
  • Secure and intelligent recording
  • Multiple-devices viewing simultaneously
  • Support up to 16 cameras
  • Audio input & Audio output

  1. this is a hard wired security system, all the cameras need to be wired to the dvr.
  2. this security system could work fine without internet. But if you want to remote viewing on phone or laptop, you would need to connect the dvr to the internet.

What’s in the BOX ?

  • 1 x 16 channel H.265+ DVR with 2TB HDD built-in
  • 8 x 1080P bullet camera + 4 x 1080P HD Dome Cameras
  • 12 x cctv cable (bnc & power)
  • 3 x 1 to 4 power splitter cable
  • 4 x 12V 2A/3A power supply
  • 12 x Mounting Screw Bags
  • 12 x Warning Sticker
  • 1 x USB mouse


16CH Security Cameras System

security camera

security record

security dvr

Smart Motion Detection and Rich Alerts

Detect moving objects and trigger alerts when dangers occur. You will receive instant alerts in forms of emails, App push notifications and buzzer alarms in the DVR when invasion happens. You can also set up specific motion zones and adjust the sensitivity to reduce unnecessary false alarms.

Customize Recording Mode

ZOSI security camera system comes with different recording options to fit your practical needs. You can customize a proper recording mode for each camera, such as a 24/7 recording mode for your store camera. Or you can set motion recording in some lower activity regions like warehouses or at night to help save storage space.

Replay Events and Moments

Simply select the date and time on the timeline or search for motion events based on your needs. All videos are securely stored in the DVR for review so that you’ll never miss any important moment. You can playback the video at different speed, and even save the video clips locally or share it to others.


4 in 1


1080p HD & Stunning Night Vision

With 2.0MP lens and 90° wide field of view, you can see everything clear and smooth in perfectly crisp 1080p HD with every subtle details. Get clearer and sharper images/videos than 720p cameras. It stay awake when you sleep, powerful infrared LEDs illuminate up to 80 feet for stunning night vision.

Hybrid Capability 4-in-1 DVR

This upgraded 16-channel 4-in-1 DVR which supports up to 16 HD-TVI/CVI/AHD IP security cameras. It provides you the flexibility to extend a variety of cameras. ZOSI’s bullet camera, dome camera are all comptible for this system, so you could add different cameras to complete your security system.

Weather-Resistant Camera

Enclosed in solid waterproof housing, this camera is built tough enough to handle rain, snow, heat and cold. So you can feel free to install it wherever you need them the most. Let it keep an eye on your home and business all day and night.


24/7 recording

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 28.3 kg
Dimensions 18.1 × 15.3 × 12.1 cm
Package Dimensions

18.1 x 15.3 x 12.1 inches

Item Weight

28.3 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included

Date First Available

August 6 2018



10 reviews for ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System with 2TB Hard Drive,H.265+ 16Channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR with 12PCS 1080P Outdoor Indoor

  1. Paul G.

    Not all it’s cracked up to be…..I have had this system for just under a year and had it installed for about 10 months. The picture quality is okay, particularly when you consider the cost. Night Vision is also not that bad. I have more issues with Visibility at night with spider webs in the way, but overall the picture is quality.NOW… The DVR for this system, is a WHOLE OTHER story.First, I had asked if a Keyboard could be used with this system and I got a resounding YES. After all there are 3 USB ports on the DVR, and only one is needed for the Mouse. Well…. I have tried multiple Keyboards. Wired, Wireless, all in one (with Touchpad on the keyboard) and none of them would work with they keyboard. MOUSE ONLY. Which is pain when it goes to entering things like a password.Next, Tried to hook up external storage to be able to export video when needed. I really didn’t need this until a few weeks ago, so I never really focused on it. Well when I tried to hook a USB drive up (and I tried multiple including a Memory Stick, USB external drive and even a USB SSD drive) I could not get the system to find/recognize that it was even hooked up. I had to play games with the USB ports because depending upon which drive I plugged in, the mouse would stop working, so I’d have to switch the usb port (that is if i could even get the mouse working). In the end, i had to play back the video I wanted to the screen, and record it with the camera on my phone pointing at the screen. Not Good.The Interface for the DVR is clunky at best. It is not very user friendly and it’s difficult to use. I can only “Playback” 4 channels at a time. There are apparently 4 banks of the 4 channels (i.e. 16 channels) but I cannot play back on the different banks. For example Bank 1 seems to be 1-4, bank 2 is 5-8, 3 is 9-12 and 4 is 13-16. I cannot playback (at the same time) Channel 2, 6, 9 and 16. I can do 1- 4, 5-8, 9-12, or 13-16 only, so your placement of camera’s on the channels may be important. I cannot tell you if they export that way, because I have not been able to export anything.Next, I had alerts setup and motion areas identified. The sensitivity on some areas was WAY TO sensitive (getting move grass) and other areas I couldn’t get it sensitive enough. (Someone could dance through the area and no alert.) Then when I would get an alert and check the video, it seems like it caught the video after the motion left the area as opposed to just before the motion. I found the alerting not very useful and disabled it because all the notices I was getting were useless.Finally, I have an extra camera (Bullet) that I bought (system only came with 12, I need 14 camera’s) and in less then a year one of them is dead. I have to say it was probably less then 8 months. I don’t monitor it every day, only if there was an issue I wanted to check. One day about 9 months in I checked and noticed it was down, looking in the history, it had not recorded for over a month telling me it was down for awhile. I connected another working camera to the connectors, and it came up, so now I have a useless camera.Maybe if I hadn’t disabled the alerting (because it wasn’t very good) I might have known sooner there was an issue with the camera. But whatever.I went to Zosi’s website to see about Warranty, and what do you know, their “Warranty/Support” page… 404 error. Go figure.I guess you get what you pay for. I did not pay a fortune for this, and it does work, but if I had to do it over again, I probably wouldn’t buy THIS system again and I recommend that you do not either. Spend the extra money for a better system.

  2. Edgar Teran

    Playback stops workingThe only reason I give it 2 stars it’s because I’m very disappointed that the playback stopped working after about 3 months of installation, I was so impressed with the way this cameras work for the price and the way they worked that I even referred friends and family to purchase this now I will look bad when they go out on them to, tried contacting customer support 4 days ago and no response yet. They responded and it took them 40 days to get me a new one they wanted me to do work on it like I’m a techn9cian i feel they should have replaced it as soon as they saw mine was on the way , they received it and checked it than they sent a new one i have been pressured to change my review i dont like that from sozi other than that it’s working again

  3. Dawn

    Good luckI read so many great things about this product. I was really excited. The cameras work great. We cannot get it to hook to the network no matter what we do. We have been trying for 7 straight hours at this point. Their hours are 9am to 5 pm. What time zone is beyond me. I’ve been calling off and on for the 7 straight hours for help. I get “no agent is available. Please leave a message.” At this point I’m beyond annoyed. We have it hooked via Ethernet cord as instructed. So, if you get this and need help setting it up, you’re on your own. Cameras look great though. Just can’t access it from your phone or anything without it connecting to the network in which it will not.

  4. L. Jones 33

    Dome CamerasThis is the results of one of my dome cameras after the first rain it went through. I would have lost one that says video lost.I would love for the two cameras to be replaced as i had these up less than three weeks.

  5. Brian Williams

    Great camera system for the priceFor the money, this is a really good camera system. Easy to hook up, everything worked as expected. The only hiccup we had was being able to access the dvr recorder at home. The phone app worked fine but just couldn’t access the dvr itself to customize some settings, but one email to tech support and Mia had us up and running in no time. Thanks Mia for the help. Loving our camera system.

  6. OnionPi

    Works in the Cold -47FI got this to stop petty theft. I have four 1280TVL camera’s in areas where it is not a “hot spot” and the four 1920TVL that came with this kit.Pros ~ We just had our coldest winter, -47F way below that with wind chill, all of these that I have set up are under and easement. So they are out of direct weather. ~ The viewing angle on the 1920TVL is quite a bit better then the 1280TVL.I have the 1280TVL covering the windows from the outside. it covers about 10ft out from it.the 1920TVL is covering a 4 car parking garage. the Night vision works well to show the whole lot. ~ It has about 2 weeks record time for the 6 cameras I have running 24/7.The cons- ~ The cables included are short. 60Ft, I had to order the 100Ft ones. They are not strong cables, do not use to pull them. I ran then in a 3/4 Conduit piping.~ the user interface is a tad bit confusing, there are no popup words when hovering over the buttons. It’s all guess work.~ You will have to set the restitution on the system and it sticks. I changed monitors and had to reset it.Improvements I would like to see made, I have to use a 3 outlets to power all the devices, I think it might be better to have a higher power device and have the power come from the DVR.But if you are like me and were wondering if this system will work in the snowy cold, cold, cold, then this will work for you.

  7. Simon Yuen

    Very goodGood price, and perform as expected. I am using ZOSI video recording system, so I cannot tell how these camera connect to the other system.

  8. BF Goodrich Smoke Signals

    No OSD Switch on Camera as advertisedFalse advertising from Seller as the Cameras do not have an OSD switch to control input to DVR, so useless to most that are using other system than ZOSI.

  9. Gilles Sauve

    Quality of night visionExcellent and sharp night vision

  10. Ricky halverson

    Not compatible with any of my DVRsProduct came on time and easy to install but having difficulty finding a compatible DVR

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